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This attack comes at a time of especially high religious tension Boomerang around after. Last month's murder of a french schoolteacher after he displayed a caricature of the prophet muhammad From the charlie hebdo magazine. How concerning is violence to you. We've seen an escalation. In tensions between france and orthodox muslims. There was a moment with a charlotte's web dough caricature of the prophet muhammed's considered blasphemy to show an image of either god or of the prophets. Just as a tweak to bosoms who say what do you mean we can't show the profit we will and that of course led to the murder of Some journalists at charlie hebdo present macron has come out quite bluntly and sharply against what he calls radical islam that has created a deep rift and very. Interestingly we've seen the senior officials in the idea of emerets say macron was right We've seen president aired turkey. Sing was wrong. It feels like like these tensions between people who say there are no rules and people who say the world's must be defended to the death or escalating. I found it a little curious. When i saw the headline that a world war wants ceremony was being held true by the french embassy but in saudi world war one did it impact saudi arabia. The ottomans were aligned with germany in world war one and the ottoman empire extended all the way down the coast. The red sea coast to yemen so jeddah which really was the wealthy part of saudi arabia and the jazz with all of the traders of the pilgrimage sites for mecca and medina that was under ottoman control and lawrence of arabia. T e lawrence was working to help push the ottomans out which lay the ground for the sued family from the northern plains of saudi arabia to control the arabian peninsula. The fascinating history. Jon alterman the director of the middle east program the center for strategic and international studies in washington. Thank you for your time. Thank you marco. Hungary went into a thirty day. Coronavirus lockdown today. But just hours. Before curfew hungary's rightwing government proposed new legislation. That has lgbtq activists speaking out the world's bianca hillier reports a constitutional amendment. Sent to hungary's parliament. Late on tuesday would effectively banned adoption for same sex couples in the country and while the streets of our quiet due to the covid. Nineteen lockdown the lgbtq community organizing online on social media and judging by kohl's and forums the retail that the qa. People are feeling desperate and very anxious about the amendments lucia. Dude it's the communications officer at the hatter society the largest and oldest lgbtq rights organization and hungry people are nervous about the amendments because if passed only married couples could adopt and same. Sex marriage is illegal in hungary. A small loophole in the proposal would allow single people to adopt if they're granted special permission from the minister of family affairs. However this would still not mean anything for same sex couples as we are absolutely certain that they've and actually grant exemptions for educated people according to same sex couples in hungary who have already adopted children are not at risk of getting their kids taken away instead. This new law would affect the thousands of queer couples who hope to one day build a family through adoption. Another constitutional amendment proposed. Tuesday would require children to be raised. With what the government calls quote a christian interpretation of gender roles i mean. I don't think you can really prepare for anything like this if you're not completely surprised but it still came as a shock. They're not completely surprised. Dude at says. Because hungary's far-right government has increased. Its anti lgbtq rhetoric throughout the pandemic back in may during the country's first covid nineteen surge. Hungarian lawmakers overwhelmingly voted to end legal gender recognition for transgender people. Then this fall. A children's book with trans and gay characters was called homosexual propaganda by dora. D'oro the deputy leader of the country's far right party me has on now to the mosque alone. Get your dick. Keeping almost excise propaganda ish with mesh press conference d'oro walked away from her podium ripped out the books pages.

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