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The Bengals are 5 and two Jets are one in 5 and Mike white will make his first NFL start at quarterback for them The Giants face the chiefs in Kansas City on Monday Night Football when they do They will remain without the services of both saquon Barkley and Kenny gallaudet College football Rutgers wanted Illinois 20 to 14 No treme with a 44 34 home win over North Carolina Number one Georgia B Florida 34 7 8th ranked Michigan state got by a number 6 Michigan 37 to 33 From Major League Soccer Fabio scored in stoppage time the Red Bulls earned a one nothing win over sea of Montreal NYC a three one win at inter Miami with a Bloomberg sports update on Frank Aaron This is Bloomberg best Bloomberg best is about the insight in the context that we get from our guests It's a great way to catch up on some of the stories you might have missed on the Bloomberg stories you're not going to find in any other news organization I'm at Baxter and I did east Pellegrini on this special edition of Bloomberg best from the Bloomberg equality summit LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman on building equality It's not just enough to be a good person to have good intent If you're not actually in fact being part of the solution you're part of the problem so you should be investing in it The CEO of Infosys on women in technology We've opened our offices in most parts of the world on a voluntary basis and former New York City Meryl candidate ray McGuire on the importance of a great resume It is the case still today that in order to be equal you got to be better Bloomberg best Bloomberg's best stories of the week powered by 2700 journalists and analysts in more than a 120 countries around the world A long list of really interesting.

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