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President former governor John Hickenlooper ended his quest for the presidency he dropped out of the race today with a video message and hinted about his future I want to know what comes next from I've heard from so many Coloradans who want me to run for the United States Senate how much is at stake Hickenlooper says he'll give us Senate bid serious consideration NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt junior and his family escaped a plane crash today in East Tennessee the family Cessna citation ran off the end of the runway and caught fire all of the passengers including Earnhardt his wife and child got out of the plane without injury again repeating our top story I smoke and flames seeing now in the Deer Creek canyon open space fire teams are on the scene fighting a wildfire there our next update at five thirty I'm Cathy Walker KO a news radio eight fifty AM in ninety four one FM this weekend escape the heat it up to the grand C. casino hotel in central city they got a great band up there Friday night into Saturday night the band's called van who led it to Van Halen and who tribute Baird they'll be playing Friday night Saturday in the mile high room show times eight o'clock shows are free go see van who in this weekend at the grand Z. casino hotel central city book yourself a room for the night or the weekend and have some fun up there at the grand Z. my mom was a Guiding Light a light that shone brightest one wearing bell bottoms under a disco ball I know mom wouldn't want us to cry now she'd want us to the nth.

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