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Small particles. Dr ash game was born in Brooklyn. And with today's prize. He entered the record books for becoming the oldest laureate at the age of ninety six he says, he was pleasantly surprised winning up a call at five this morning. He says he's not sure he'll be able to accept the prize in person. An Italian physicist isn't winning any awards today. Correspondent Megan Williams has this story at Rome leading European physics center. Cernan has suspended an Italian scientist after he criticised female colleagues saying physics was invented by men, and that men are victims of discrimination in science Allesandro. Threw me made the comments during the high energy theory and gender workshop in Geneva. The first female director of Sern Fabiola Gianotti expressed shock noting women make up only twenty percent of physicists, meanwhile, the Nobel prize for physics has just been awarded to three scientists a woman and two men wins. News time, six thirty six a new honor for Nicole Kidman, ten ten wins. Entertainment is neck. It's not your average fairytale at head over heels. The damsels are not in distress. The hero is not a Knight in shining armor, and once upon a time is right now. The village voice posted funny and sexy and Newsday says it's delightfully entertaining. Don't miss a beat get tickets to head over heels. The new Broadway musical featuring the songs of the go Go's visit head over heels dot com. And no an ad from bundle.

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