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We'll follow. This this endeavor of ours, yes, has has engendered in some few of our listeners, a spirit of wellbeing of generosity and of generosity of caring, and and they have decided to display that spirit by by by pouring forth money into our coffers. They continued to try to silence the banging of our tin Cup with wads of currency, which so they can get some fucking sleep, which don't work, but it's but we still encourage keep trying. So I, I have a few people I need to. Thank so we'll start with j. b. we got Joe and Liz. Well, we'll get to list. We've got less, and then we got Liz who has been a subscriber. Yes. A donor very generously, though patron and has just upped her game. Yeah. And in in so doing has earned herself her own personal heaven and in the interest of data doing less work. Yes. We have invited Doug this this time for the first time to peer beyond the veil. That's right. And see what awaits Liz Liz in an eternity Liz forever as some address to close reminding us that all things must pass fade and that cold dark days lie always in our future. You can rest easy because when the day finally comes that you have to pop your clogs in.

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