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Us on the air. Okay thank you so much for now. Please do joy this week's conversation with Steven Steven Lamb. Thank you so much for joining me on the podcast today. Very much appreciated first of all before we start. How are you and your family? Everybody healthy and well yeah mark. Thanks for having me on. Thanks for asking about the family. Yeah the great actually Currently got the goals during the homeschooling Which is is challenging for me. Not so much goes so we're six nearly nine. I think we're heading for a lockdown. Stay there and ten awhile Blimey. All girls girls. Yep I have my daughter. Also she stuck on the BBC Bites. Always I think at the moment which is her preferred way of learning. She's ten and she's quite enjoying that but yeah home. Schooling is challenges. Sounds quiet you've done very well to keep them quiet. Well you know. I can't quite believe it's quiet. It's a it's a busy household very lively. The goes very gregarious in fact They've been bit more tech savvy than I am never seriously and they're on their phones face timing and helping each other out trying to their friends because that's one of the things really that has affected them not being able to go to school missing their chums it. The homeschooling is a challenge. Because I know well compound fraction as you know is kind of using technology in a good way instead of that sort of insular isolating way. It's very much creating a lovely in school network so I I think it's good. It's good yeah that's nice and I think that different two boys to be fair because my son is a bit like me probably in the fact that he's probably born to self isolate. He's quite happy to be miserable. Saw Sit at home and just play on. His xbox was my daughter seems to be able to spend the entire day on. What's at video and Chatto friends will die long. Yeah slightly different. Even a young age at when I came down and spoke to you we were in that beautiful. Wooden villa in your. I think you're in those gardens. I've I'm so that's funny equally. Availa we call it the heart so you. It's not a huts. Come on. It's war two bedroom and it was lovely. Let's compromise cabin capital word capital gang cabin. Yeah so I'm home. Downstairs sitting next to the inglenook fireplace facing a corner as if. I'm in detention but with a view out of the window and this is funny star falling from the sky. Absorbed rages here has a seafront restaurant. Stephen this is the first rain. We've pretty much had in about six six weeks and I could imagine how busy I would have been. If we'd be no put some today is not about me so you make your living in a variety of ways but pretty much all linked to food in San guys whether that's books consultancy or events if you go anything still taken along of Yuping pretty much in full shutdown role. I got got a lot on actually but in the old sense of working and receiving an income. That's dramatic think like a lot of people in the hospitality sector. There's been this huge sort of invisible pause button and my calendar. The family grow follow calendar. My my column on the on the family calendar was just wiped out all the things. I was working a puff of one thing. Actually which a talk about later on. But I'm busy. I think there's there's a point where you go you cannot just beside her bringing your hands and worrying. You gotta try and do something. What I've discovered that people in all sorts of different sectors particularly because my network is hospitalized. I've seen some real positively and people have risen to a very challenging time and a good working on a on a few projects I think within about three hours of the prime minister saying the word lockdown total lockdown. Some friends Some friends of ours. Besson Poor Kempton who we got to know my wife and I the school gates which is another platform where I used to love to have a chat. I was a great school gates. Charter an eye missing that. But a business wiz. It takes me all over the pace particularly teaching and one of the things that that means. Is that as you know. We can tend to be the build up two weekends. Tend to be the point where you'll most busiest and it's the point where the family are not doing so much 'cause they have conventional school times or conventional jobs and I was trying to work with my wife had to create a bit more balanced home and almost impossible. But we're thinking of doing stuff online. Because I think teaching online or doing classes seminars. A kind of worked part of what I did. And then lockdown happened and a two friends best and pulled who already have an online business said we thinking about doing this and when we moved house funding. We were thinking about doing the same. We created this platform and it's slow life. Good Life Dot Com. It's a website and the aim of it is to try and create content so that people who are self-isolating sexually distancing war on lockdown themselves could spend time learning how to bake bread how to make socities Yoga teachers we got people who work with nature and crafting musicians fitness and wellbeing goes and they will post videos on to our website. It's a subscription model three times a week we upload videos and have created quite nicely vibe. So you know we're busy. Doing that made it. Good stuff comes out of this. I think hospital is full of creative. People I think isn't it and just creating a little bit space in their heads. Lots of good stuff comes out of it and a need. I suppose in many ways to work out some sort of financial strategy speaking of which do you qualify for any kind of grounds opportunity com. Follow your cell phone. Can you if you go Will think that somebody somewhere who came up with the idea of grants business loans furloughs and any kind of possible chance to get some money. They probably went onto my profile and wet the shape of the person that fits into every possible gap. And it's it's typical because I you know I I imagine that you'll the same as me because whenever there's a drop down menu trying to explain what you do. I never find the category. That suits may fits may on this kind of trouble having a portfolio career. But I must say you know I think if I delved deeper and try to find it I currently I don't but potentially there were probably around. I thought it's interesting to know that Rishi revolved around you saving. Because I thought you over in. May so I'm guessing tonight because even with business my team furloughed which is great but qualifies a company Director and our rateable values made with three premises. We've got five K. That we would supposedly qualify for. We actually only qualify for ten to alright school values which doesn't seem particularly fair because I'm equally with the other restaurants. Says you know we have zero pounds a revenue so it'd be nice if a reassessment presumes that was the case in Youtube would be falling through the cracks so I guess some of this comes from a financial motivation as well so we'll come back to slow life good life but just in general your your well-connected in the south west of you seen some good examples. I know you did a virtual food festival recently. For example. What's what's the general vibe with your calm rage. Shall we say down there in the food community? Also good stuff's happening. Well I think that does There's a there's a spirit born out of necessity rarely to try get produce it. They've grown say for example. You know I'm in a privileged position because I know a lot of people who grow food produce amazing food restaurants chefs okay and Just because the wrestles close doesn't mean to say that produce has stopped growing here. We are banging. The middle of ASPARAGUS will not intimate just beginning really a very short window of growing asparagus. All of this has no outlet now so produces ago will wear. Can I put my asparagus? Because you know you can't be left in the field to rot and so there's a lot of innovation going on people that I know have moved onto an online model and they're trying to sell things Via Their website where previously they hadn't really thought about that because they had shops in a restaurants there was a community shop which opened up on In risdon which is just five minutes away from C. Late where I live in long regis and it was. It was a great idea. And then he got busy. And then it was difficult to manage the social distancing and so you know all these kind of different issues of arisen bought. I think the the restaurant and hospitality world has take any focused on supporting one another. You mentioned the Food Festival Virtual Food Festival which we did on bank holiday Monday over eastern. We've done another one recently. We continue to do more. And that is a way of showcasing. All the fantastic produces up and down the country. Not just in in the southwest. I'm against some pretty amazing chefs. Rick Stein Mulk Hickson Nathan Out Lone Jack Jack Stein Ross gauge who the co founders the brain the brains behind it you know really looking to support and jumping produces oh bit with a sense of entertainment and the financial element of putting on a virtual food festival online. I mean it's it's it's quite difficult but we've got this platform partner crowd from the and the day enabled us to put out a small ticket price over rewards or prizes That people can pay full for example they can come and sit on Zun. Kosta live on Youtube enough questions directly to the chefs. And it's kind of weird because I'm in my kitchen in live regis and there's Rick Stein in his kitchen in Sydney and then somebody from another part of the of the world comes in on the screen and goes Hohaia to brick. Was that Fisher cooking. You know it's very interactive. It Takes Law of work and effort. But the whole thing that underpins it is less try and entertain one another. Let's get some big names to show people how they can support the struggling hospitality sector particularly at those people who are producing supplies. That underpin the whole thing. So that's been a success. Really cool another million some ways. It's a shame because you never going to recreate the buzz on the vibe of some of the other food festivals that I know you host the energy in those kind of spaces and the smells and all that kind of stuff is very different but it is quite cool but you can link up somebody from Newell. Sydney lyme regis all of the same time in half the shed experience this lock. That would've been a much more tortures without the Internet. I think even having you and I haven't conversations like this week. We're we're lucky really we are and I think. I've found a new respect for the Internet and online technology. I think if you manage it in a more positive way because all of a sudden you know rather than going in a room with lots of people and being insular on your phone at ignoring those people around Ju- lockdown for me. I'm quite pretty fortunate because I'm with my family. We do have outside space. And you know they`re. They're all healthy but the new way that we started to apply the technology means. We're actually connecting with other people as opposed to during those people curse too. And if you think of the sort of hopefully not the long term implications of this but the meeting exactly who knows what. We're going to demonstrate our lack of knowledge. Now Steven probably talking about. Do you have do still have bookings. In for the latter part of some of a certain food festivals or if they all being postponed some have been burned into some I take postponed as a sort of a a slightly more positive. Took been canceled but I think on just really grabbing on wits fingernails sense of hope. Of course obviously everybody needs to think about the safety and health of other people. You can't be selfish about it but you know the the the good life experience Which is a festival which still is talking.

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