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Hey has stop the podcast we've promise this isn't an ad it's the opportunity of a lifetime so working at bravo rachel live both gotten go to watch what happens live not all the time but a few times a year yeah we were bartenders wants to i mean it was basically the best day of my life yeah but we also get to go and be in the audience from time to time which is pretty spectacular the first time we went we saw the cast of scandal i saw rupaul naomi campbell to the most beautiful people have ever seen up close and now we want to give our listeners the opportunity to experience it too so we are giving away two tickets to come see a taping in new york city people who work for watch what happens live told us that this is actually the hardest ticket to get they're not for sale anywhere you have to know someone to get it but luckily for you you know us yeah so two tickets you're going to bring a friend and we'll work with you to find today that works for your schedule you can enter by going to bravo tv dot com slash rosen thorn entering your eat male it's that easy just go to bravo tv dot com slash rosen thorn one word all over case none of those pesky amber sans but this is a super password just go spreading around or lowering your chances of winning so yeah go to bravo dot com slash rosen thorn and you could be tossing back whiskey ginger in the clubhouse in no time she was so cool she also wrote a little bit worried about like mentioning missy elliott stuff because it was so sensitive on the show but she just like launched right into it we're like oh i she took her.

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