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In daily news show is powered by you to find a more had to take new show dot com slash supports this is the daily tech news for thursday april twenty six twenty eighteen from los angeles on tom merritt and from studio feline also in los angeles i'm sarah lane or mogul in california i'm just robert young and somewhere in between our producer roger chan yes closer as the roofing it's really loud they just stopped a second ago so hopefully it will stay that way for a few minutes right remember folks when you support the show you are literally keeping a roof over rogers head yes hopefully that roof will be done by tomorrow all right let's start with a few tech things you should know lots of earnings to report today let's start the amazon the company reported its first quarter earnings today beating expectations handily with revenue fifteen point four billion dollars versus the expected forty nine point seven eight billion that's up forty three percent year over year north america revenue jumped to forty six percent to thirty thirty rather point seven billion dollars well international sales grew thirty four percent to fourteen point eight billion of note for the quarter amazon web services sales grew forty eight percent year over year to five point four four billion dollars generating one point four billion in operating income about intel i know you're screaming into your on well don't worry earnings came in eighty seven cents per share that is up over the forecasted seventy two cents per share and revenue was sixteen point sixteen point seven billion beating the street who had forecasted fifteen point oh eight billion total revenue for the quarter is up nine percent year over year the client computing group brought in seven point four billion in the first quarter the data center group which grew twenty percent in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2017 brought in three point nine billion in revenue but let's complete the hattrick with microsoft earnings do it reporting revenue of twenty six point eight two billion dollars and earnings per share of ninety five cents both of those beat analyst expectations quarterly profit rose thirty five percent microsoft intelligent cloud division had revenue rise of seventeen percent including ninety three percent.

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