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Issues. Riley, hospitalized and in custody is accused of fatally shooting four people, including a mom and three year old child. Sheriff Grady Judd. This man killed four people this morning. Tried to kill our deputies and then gave up. Riley shot it out with authorities before surrendering. Sheriff Judd says he was well prepared, had everything down to blood stop kits, first aid kits and he was ready for battle. Millions of Americans are set to lose their jobless benefits. Today, three pandemic related programs are set to expire by some estimates. Over seven million people now stand to lose nearly all of their unemployment benefits. Another three million will see their benefits reduced. Now many Republican controlled states already started rolling back these programs months ago. President Biden encouraged states to continue them. But most states say they just don't have the budget for that. ABC is Mary Alice Parks at the White House. The New York Times reports. Facebook is apologizing after video of black men in altercations with white civilians and police officers ends an automatic message pops up saying Keep seeing videos about primates. Facebook turned off the AI that show the message You're listening to ABC News. Oil drilling investments involve a high degree of risk and are only suitable for SCC. Accredited investors. ATTENTION high Net worth investors, oil and gas investments have always been an ideal tax advantage and have been a way to invest and take a 100% right off..

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