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He says for interviews, he gets nervous on the set and even after nearly sixty years in the business seven Oscar nominations a win. And being revered across Hollywood and being the guy almost every project he's in. In fact, as we talk about in the interview, Jon Hamm and some of the other actors in l. royale signed on when they heard the Jeff bridges was in it. That's the power of the dude. We also talk about his childhood growing up in show business in his first movie at like ten months old, something like that working alongside his brother, Bo his father. Of course, the great Lloyd bridges also the secret to a forty one year marriage with his wife, sue in the crazy way. The two of them met on the set of a film in nineteen seventy five spoiler she didn't work in the film business. She happened to be in the area. You'll hear all about that. A great conversation with an honest to goodness legend, Jeff bridges right now on the Sunday sit down podcast. Thank you for doing this Jeff. My play. All right. So bad times at the El royale what a cool movie. It looks good. The cast is great. I'm digging this one man every once in a while. Everything kind of comes together, you know, the style substance, wonderful cast, you know, and the sets cinematography. Shameless mcgarvy was our cinematographer and while what he came up with beautiful and our director screenwriter drew Goddard. You know, the whole team was wonderful to work. So what what about it hits you when you first got the script? Or was it the people in? No, no. When I first got the script, I read that thing about page fifteen. I would say, wow, what is going. Go back pages and say, yeah, yeah, and it just kept doing that all the way to the end giving me surprises, you know, and I'm going to the movies myself, and those are the kind of movies that I love to see when the filmmakers a little bit ahead of you. Yeah. And this is certainly one of those. Okay. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who said now, wait a minute. Going back and rewinding the movie, the way you were. Script, what kind of we we're, I'm so interested in the roles you take and you is that a conscious thing? I wanna do this kind of movie next or just a good script land like this one and you say, let's go do it. I do my best. Not to work. Okay, that's that's my because I know what that what it implies yo you're working your way from your family, your way from all the other stuff that you like to do. And one of the main things is that you're, you're kind of off the market. You know, you can't. You don't know something else is gonna come by that you're going to enjoy even more. So I do my best to not not engage, you know. But when you get a script like this. You're on board, you know, words to live by. I do my best not to work. Yeah, we should all live with you. How do you describe father, Flynn your character being in this context, or maybe some things we can't say about father Flynn without giving them you, but who is he? Well, he's. He's a priest, not a priest. The trailer kind of gives that secret away..

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