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I do that evolved lockett new barely a rare breakaway britain liam brady brilliant bringing home oh man i'm going to go like you're the whole you're gonna have to carry us man i'm jumping on your back your taking this one for the you're doing it for the both of us really how are you yourself and are you drinking oh heavily can you can't tell lovely less than i am very ill and i thought it would be great to do some eggnog and a couple of jamus said so you're in philly and then look spare keep saying oh i forget that phillies not a state you're right it makes a kind of feels like it dude i i got really drunk last night in i i freak in my voice has gone i sank carrio kijae told you this no our here's a fun fun little fact of just to tell you about the area that i am right now i go and i think i go to sing karaoke everyone's there it's christmas eve and a bunch of you are at the bar luggage on people me and my friend tina a guy go to sing carry okay a guy because he could be a guy in grozny so he's saying the girls par and icing my part of kid rock in sheryl crow is picture kid rock is true well you are uh i know i know i know but this isn't even the best part of the story oh really.

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