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We're trying to make sure that we combed through every area to determine if there are any victims inside. Exact cause of the explosion is not yet known. Baltimore Gas and Electric is working on shutting down gas lines throughout the area. Once that happens, a more thorough investigation. Khun take place. For NPR news. I'm Emily Sullivan in Baltimore. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls unrest last night and into the morning. Abject criminal behavior. Hundreds looted high end shops after police shot and injured a male suspect yesterday. President. Trump was quickly escorted out of the White House briefing room a short time ago and then return shortly thereafter for a news conference, he says law enforcement shot a suspect. The president says the suspect has been taken to the hospital. This is NPR news, and this is Casey AR W News on a Monday, August 10th on Larry Parole. Here's what's happening at 3 32 sent Clarita residents and others are demanding answers and others are demanding answers. After L. A county sheriff's deputies detained three black teens at gunpoint. Ah viral video on Social media shows, one of them getting handcuffed after they were the victims of a reported assault. Chase. Yardley's Kelly Wells has more. The mother of one of the teenagers posted the video on Instagram. The woman identified his Tammy Collins says her son and his friends were sitting at a bus stop when a man approached, um, asked for drugs, then attacked them with a knife and tried to take their things. A nearby store manager was one of several people to call 911 to report the altercation. The video shows sheriff's deputies pointing their guns at the teens who have their hands up. Onlookers shout that the kids are innocent while deputies begin handcuffing them. Ultimately, no arrests were made and they were later released. Ellie Sheriff Alex Villanueva says the deputies were responding to a call of felony assault and the incident is under investigation. Santa Clarita Mayor Cameron Smith Smith said in a statement this afternoon that city officials say they hope the investigation is efficient and that depending on the findings, the deputy responsible will be removed. From the field. A church in Newbury Park is to find government orders. Godspeed Cavalry Church Chapel rather disregarded a court and health officials on held indoor worship services again yesterday. Demonstration happened outside where a small scuffle broke out between a mask. Let's counter protester in another man. Ventura County has sued the church, arguing it is threatening public safety by repeatedly holding indoor services with hundreds of people. Officials also alleged that pastor Rob McCoy and other members have flouted mask requirements, and a court Friday granted a temporary restraining order requiring the church and McCoy to have religious services on Ly outdoors. And with congregants wearing masks and practising physical distancing. Here's McCoy yesterday outside God's Be Cavalry Church, speaking to K ABC, son, We haven't had one case reported to me by a congregant of any covert 19. Excuse me. We haven't had any of that. We've had a 1 1/100 of 1% death rate in our county over 80 victims. Tragic might, I add? But the point is, it doesn't affect all all the city. McCoy went ahead with indoor services. No word on what the repercussions could be on Tour County has had more than 8100 people tested positive for the virus as of Friday, with 89 deaths and the Y M C of.

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