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But you know, speaking of dry several lightning scores were hitting the dry spell for a little bit. Tyler Johnson, no goal since December twenty ninth. The Anthony Sara Lee no goals since December the thirteenth and JT Miller just one goal since December twenty first. So it's great to see the secondary scoring just as people were starting to get a little Lansing. Go. Where are these guys? It was good to see them come through. And it wasn't just like these Dink dank tic TAC toe kind of goals they had to work hard for each and every goal that they got tonight and Johnny gets a key goal in the third period. JT Miller gets the game winner. What a turn of events with the shorthanded goal by Anthony Torelli as well and the lightning do pull away with victory tonight five to four your final. And you know, after the previous couple of games, you're like, well, okay. It's a point. And there are some good things here, and it's against Western Conference teams. So we don't get upset. But when you're facing a team like the penguins who have not played well over the last few weeks who are struggling to stay in the playoff picture. In fact, if the playoffs were to start today, I hate using that phrase because they don't start today. But if it would be lightning and penguins in first round. So you know, here's a team in Pittsburgh. That's got a lot of pride. They're trying to get it all together a very gutsy win for the. Lightening tonight. Good that some guys got off the shied and cheap. It wasn't necessarily the prettiest of games here. But in the end, they find a way to win here. And you hope that maybe some old bad habits get worked out along the way heading into tomorrow's game in sunrise, who's fun to watch though. Yeah. It was. I mean, there's a little more physical action than we've seen normally. And I saw some guys get a little upset. I for me. I wanna see that.

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