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And on the other side of the fence on our side which monitors regional stabiliser in the area and insurance israeli side stephen inside pick that from from the we've been also rescue efforts providing humanitarian aid to syrian in part of an operation operation goodness and we've been doing that now in terms of the security situation it's still i'm sure that when you were there you saw what seemed to be perhaps a very peaceful and quiet situation however beneath the surface there are many players that are vying for positions and lebanese hezbollah being one the syrian regime being the other syrian rebels and of course we are we our mission there on the golan as it is in the south with with gaza is to defend that he's ready seventeen israeli civilians and it's a great thing to hear the people of majdal shams who are ready sixty minutes from the druze community and feel safe and know that they're safe inside israel definitely a complex situation that we need to monitor closely there is a growing iranian influence in syria and i'm sure we're all aware of something that is really decide these days stabilising factor in the region that we all need to be very very attentive to to that point lieutenant colonel john and i were on the border it was clear that we were just we weren't just looking into syria but we're also looking at iran and russia so the realignments the changing dynamics in the region were pretty obvious to us standing there how has that played into the calculations of the idea now that this now now that we're essentially looking at a new chapter of a new cold war we're seeing iranian forces about a thousand miles away from home and the big question is what are iranian forces within tactical distances of israel and what business do they have establishing military infrastructure in syria and they're not they're doing humanitarian aid and they are not they're building schools or hospitals they are they're bending airbases airfields they are there providing for different militias whether it is or mercenaries that they're being bringing in from other countries in the region and from newsradio perspective it's very clear what the iranians doing now trying to to to put on the ground forward operating bases from which they'll be able to attack israel got their first taste of that and the iranians got a taste of it as well on the tenth of february when.

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