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The twelve victims killed in a nature air plane crashed sunday were americans kyw sherrad a howard reports several of victims had ties to the delaware valley the american state department recently identified former residents of montgomery county dr mitchell weiss his wife dr leslie weiss and their two teenage daughters as victims of the fiery crash the department also confirmed at an additional lost to our area university of pennsylvania freshman williams steinberg and his family on vacation were also among those killed on the flight dr mitchell wise was an interventional radiologists at bay care and belair florida the move relocated to florida from plymouth meeting in two thousand and five charity howard kyw newsradio kyw news time five twenty two at us time for traffic and transit on the twos when a girl grew drive so far this warnings is giving the car started a little strain on a battery because it's so cold once out on major roadways were looking good still can be a bit icy coming out of the neighborhoods and also on and off ramps that see again from the snowstorm we had earlier on saturday now we're looking okay on the schuylkill expressway westbound the belmont avenue exit ramp earlier police activity within the hour now cleared everything is okay their eastern schuylkill looking good 95 from the northeast self moderate volume toward center city and the vine expressway is open wide open and looking great through center city philadelphia problems the roxbury offering yesterday a water main brake on jamestown that is going to be a east of henry avenue between henry and magdalena street local detour here's that were on that as jamestown but henry avenue looks like it's getting by okay looking good everywhere else nearby is is all ride walnut lane no unusual delays at all in the pa turnpike so far this morning and we check new jersey it's okay 42 freeway north moderate volume and up in the '55 on ramp it a little bit slow their wet the merge beyond that up and across delaware river bridges we're clear for now mass.

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