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Jason Bentley from apogee studios in Santa Monica and for KCRW metric. Let's let's welcome Emily and Jimmy back to the stage guys. So, hey, thank you for joining us here. KCRW? I know you're in the midst of a tour how how has it been going so cool like the so the Bill is us Anna banned from Mexico called Zoe and a ban from Canada called July talk. So we're just kind of give him a big hug to the whole continent. And like it's just been an amazing group of people really just exactly what I needed for my spirit. And I feel like the show has so much positivity and inclusiveness and amazing energy Soto's about what was the concept behind doing. Just that with these other bands came together any MRs soon, as you know, there's options on the table. And that was like, you know, there's this sort of undercurrent at least for me of a lot of teams that are very upsetting and disturbing right now. And it's like as an artist how do you address things without talking about them all the time people come to a show to be free of that stuff? And I just felt like the symbolism of having Spanish-speaking band. They're huge Mexico. We're gonna play with them in Mexico. And are you are you outspoken about these themes and ideas, or is it something self evident because you're together playing? Well, that's kind of what I feel is is a bit of a topic in our group of friends and eight on society at large is like, how do you? How do you manifest your your beliefs in action? So hopefully, that's what metrics been doing. So congratulations, art of doubt, your seventh album as the band. What a great record..

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