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To live and local headlines talk radio 560 ksfo stadium at thirty officials say the tax collections meant to pay for a portion of the new stadium are down as much as ten percent increase in hotel taxes is paying for part of nearly two billion dollar project and american airlines is rolling out a program this month that will let its flight attendants award frequent flier miles to passengers who run into problems the nation's largest airline said that it has a long policy to compensate its passengers with miles when they run into service problems but the ability to issue those rewards was limited to gauge agents and other reservation agents rather than the flight attendants they say this new programme will allow flight attendants to take immediate action on situations yes that means if you fly american airlines and you get dr dowd you're going to get a frequent flier miles right away that's how that's gonna order ugo nothing will make it better than that taken a look at your roadways now we have an accident this morning unfortunately an overturned vehicle to 80 in the northbound direction this is as you come through burlingame as soon as you enter burlingame actually and it stretches for about two to three freeway exits this is causing some major slowing to traffic as you can imagine checking in with chp to see around what time this took place all right about fifteen minutes ago so we're going to be seeing this for awhile to 38 southbound at the 580 connector ramp we have a vehicle that is stopped in the right lane and the driver is outside of said vehicles so please drive carefully and if you are writing parts this morning we have bart good checking in.

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