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Swarm of bees in palm desert on tuesday morning i guess that's california riverside county four people were swarmed by bees one victim made it made it inside his house and two others managed to safely reach the medic unit whatever that is firefighters located a fourth victim in an outdoor pool so obviously he just dove into the pool and tried to keep his head underwater philly until the b's got tired of waiting for him this to surface woman police news here woman climbs tree on saga trail when coyotes close in a woman was forced to climb a tree at break heart reservation in saugus is coyote started closing in on her and her dog she told the nine nine one one dispatcher the woman was hiking with her labrador named near at named abby on the ridge trail when she encountered the coyotes and retreated to the safety of a nearby tree while speaking with the dispatcher the woman said at least one coyote was about four hundred feet away i love how you're trying to burn through all of grace's good police blotter facts just because you're not going to be here she didn't even a real solid four hundred feet away and staring at her forward feet away that's that's a football field and another thirty yards what grace it's so obvious you're just trying to run through them all i'm not going to be here let me read all the police blotters on wednesday before grace can do the one greece is going to have like three stories well she already read the one i know already pulled about the guy the the the dixon illinois school safety officer shooting the guy who came to school with a gun rich ronald reagan's hometown you're like sabotaging your own show because you're not going to be here.

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