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Victim was treated for his injuries at the hospital last we heard he was in stable condition wow ten ten wins accuweather a nice evening then some clouds move in overnight and mild with a low of sixty three tomorrow clouds with sunny breaks becoming more humid with a shower thunderstorm around it to a high of seventy nine and then tomorrow night patchy clouds dickey with the shower thunderstorm in the area especially early on a low of sixty eight and then thursday mostly sunny breezy and warm lower humidity with a high of eighty to a nice day on friday with a high of eighty and then nice on saturday with a high of eighty five so we can get through tomorrow we'll be all right right now seventy degrees in the park hit sixty three before it's all over tonight wins news time five six the alleged sex cult leader of upstate new york made an appearance in brooklyn federal court today i'll federal judge denied bail for the leader of a self help group the feds say was a front for a sex cult keith rennie's legal team says they'll be back with another bail application he's eager actually to fight this case into approve is innocent so the last thing he's going to do i think he's trying to run away nexium founder rainier ian smallville actress allison mack face sex trafficking charges actress catherine oxygen burg says her daughter was brainwashed by rene sorry i love my daughter with all my heart and my daughter is not in her right mind renew remains behind bars mac is out on five million dollars bond al jones ten ten wins at the federal courthouse in brooklyn the kenilworth school superintendent accused of going number two on the track at holmdale high didn't offer an explanation for his alleged behavior during a brief court hearing today already say there had been actually a string of number twos left on school grounds in the weeks previous so staff members have been keeping watts and that's when thomas trump trauma gleaning was caught in the act on camera who had to look at that well anyway he's charged with public defecation lewdness and literally and he's also been placed on paid leave from his superintendent job as far as we know he's not getting a.

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