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The middle kids for centers is fine we're gang keep the trench coat close the whole time s an i give away the illusion you know it'd be a fun idea if you're directing a movie that had an old person character in it and what's that just dress a child up really old man makeup funny if he did it in like the stage makeup that we would use in like places kids were just like some where you in i was in a lot of dark plays if you like just draw some lines this is going to be a reference and we put some some baby powder in their hair look they've got white hair but that's far away from the audience yeah keep the cameras far away and hoping he knows smarr make the old person real sick and nobody can go near them not even the cameras the cameras there really sells spillover would love something like that like wow now the audience is just like us they feel removed from the old man with the deadly disease this is true i don't know why i'm explain this you i the little steven he'd get it right away stephen doesn't care he is he doing springsteen on on broadway no it's not spring seen and the east e street band on broadway now that he has special guests now he is he's busy making the new season of lillehammer tom i am when is that show i'm trying to go to steven not steven spielberg bruce springsteen on broadway so bad really liked yeah i don't like steven god damnit bruce springsteen confusing right fusing it's just we're supposed to be talking about one man we keep talking about these other men for no reason we're not talking about bruce springsteen that's all you i know there is a reason i was talking about.

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