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Four hundred pounds from trick ponies thirty two and Rita ora's twenty nine entertainment thirty eight past every hour here on tens and wins you can stream is in the office ten ten wins downtown the news all the time you'll give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world good morning forty seven agree use three forty on this Tuesday November twenty sixth time laying the journey and here's what's happening islands resentment and several people sent us a little after two incidents close together in time and space that police say appear otherwise unrelated in the Bronx a teenager slash by machete wielding man in a laundromat legal setback for the president in his effort to keep his former White House counsel from testifying under oath to Congress national grid enters into a multi million dollar settlement over its refusal to provide gas service to thousands of new Yorkers thank you for the says mostly sunny nice and mild today high fifty eight in midtown but then when will whip up by parade time I'm Harris Alan and that's when their fourth straight one await one of six in Cleveland Tony deangelo gave the Rangers in overtime victory the islanders lost in Anaheim to end their point streak the ravens crush the ramp I'm Lou burglary coffee housing is in the spotlight today is we get reports on home prices and new home sales wall street's major averages started all time hot wings news time three forty one for having in transit with the rest well look at the wrong send us some slowdowns on the north and southbound side of Sheridan expressways been tied up all morning with road were taking out a lane each way also you're looking all right across the board on the block during the cross Bronx one note for that Deegan and that is construction southbound side coming into the cross rocks the ramp to the cross Bronx closed off to traffic being detoured with that issue also old little farther down easily see among Alan's big three we'll talk about the Upper East River crossings Kay is there is a road work out there all along the runs found Throggs neck bridge right and center lanes are closed off also watcher queens bound road right and over the Whitestone thing right stone bridge things a good Bronx man had about our papers left lane work the queen of anarchy bridge left and several in construction tops of the Hudson River crossings suffering New Jersey New Jersey Turnpike Newark bay extension that'll be left a mark both ways of right off the main road way out towards the newer favorites at is slowing down traffic a bit and also some work in the garden state parkway heading north bound slowing down traffic over by route eighty all that it's out of the tree park rules in effect for today I'm Russ Meyer next for three fifty one on ten ten wins wins news time three forty two five people injured in what police say or two separate stabbings in mid town the may him breaking out just before nine thirty Monday night busy streets outside a restaurant forty First Street eighth Avenue crossing the border thorny group of men breaking into a fight one with a knife another with a tire iron three people in a up in the hospital too with life threatening injuries this eyewitness describes the violence then on the ground one was on the top and money was just giving that advice like they did they do they do moments later to be more standard Sixth Avenue and forty sixth street camp saying they're not appear to be any other connection to the two incidents which happened nearby and around the same time earlier in the day broad daylight machete attack in Santa laundromat the Bronx the victim was playing a video game inside the laundry mat here at five fifty nine southern Boulevard when.

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