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Holiday weekend. Of course Next week. I'm heading out of town. I've got a vacation for the first time in a while here, so I'm looking forward to getting out of town a little bit and enjoying some family and friends. Nice. Nice. Yes, You worked very hard and you never get a vacation, So I'm glad. Glad to hear that. I say that on the air in case anyone in management is listening. That's all. I just, I make sure to say that so they're like, Wow, that guy is working hard. That guy is just He's really killing it for us. I hope that we know that that's that's I hope they know that to tell them to call me. I'll tell them. How about you, Jennifer? Do you have any plans for the for the Fourth of July weekend? Yes, I'm going on college visits with my daughter to the mid. Congratulations. Nice. Yeah, we're going to it's weird places for Fourth of July weekend, but she's excited. So that's good. All right. Good. I remember that time and checking out some of the colleges. Everything that doesn't matter is important to you and all the stuff that does, that's That's why you go with Jennifer so that she can focus on the stuff that's actually important. Exactly exactly. So, what do you want to get into? I know that we have we are. We already have some questions lining up. You have a question for Jennifer. I guess I should give the number out. 84458 Oh, 93 to 6. That's 844. 58093268445809326 will take listener questions. If you have a legal question for Jennifer, Go ahead and get an 84458093 to 6. And what else would you like to get into today? Well, if we have callers, we can start with them so they don't have to wait. There's a couple things that we didn't get to talk about in our about some of the statutory changes that the governor signed into law, and there's time to talk about that I will Sprinkle it and as we can, um, But yes, you have callers. You can get right to the Yeah, Let's get to him. Jonathan Orlando, He is online one. Why don't we get started with John? Welcome into laying down the law. John, What's your question for Jennifer? Hi. I'm wondering if someone has a will do they still have to go do pervade. Oh probate, one of our favorite topics to talk about that right after H H O is in probate. Those are the two at the top of the list that we get the most questions about. I think, Jennifer Yeah, exactly. So, um, there is not an exact easy answer for that. Basically wills. The reason you write a will is for probate. Anything in a will has to go through probate. Now There's a lot of other things that we can do so that you don't need probate, and we usually have a will. It's just kind of like a catch all just in case. But you should have something rather than nothing. Because if you don't have a will you also go to probate. So, um, I mean, there's things we can do with beneficiaries like your life insurance, beneficiary and beneficiaries of 41 case. Bank accounts almost any kind of account that you have money and in a bank, um, can have a beneficiary and then you don't need a will. And then you don't need the probate. Um, if you've got property, there's things we can do with deeds, Um, life estate deeds or other types of deeds. Where then when you pass your property goes right to your heirs or whoever else you wanted it to. So those are things you can do. Usually it kind of you have nothing left, but a car those you could usually take care of without probate. Um People tend to tend them and sometimes forget and leave an account out. Um, that beneficiary thing, So you always always should have a will. Um, but there's plenty of other things we can do during a state planning to make sure you don't need the probate. And that's one of the reasons why you shouldn't just like kind of get a well off line or get. I mean, I know they had their software you can buy and like things you can get off the Internet. But if you don't talk to an attorney about some of these other alternatives because you want to save money on their front end on the will, you usually end up needing a probate, and it costs more on the back end. So I can't encourage people enough to have a will in general, but also talk to somebody about all of your assets. Um, and then you pretty much can save a whole lot of money and time and effort. And aggravation for the people that you leave behind. Excellent. Thank you so much. All right, John. We really do appreciate the phone call, of course 84458093 to 6. That's 8445809326. Is that number 8445809326 of a question for Jennifer Angler? This is laying down the law brought to you by the Orlando Law Group once again, that number 844580. 9326. So it's not a not a short answer. Of course, Jennifer. It's kind of complicated. Um, so if you do have a will, though there's still a lot of legal red tape. You kind of have to work through with some of that stuff, huh? Yeah. I mean, we didn't I didn't mention trust. But the trust is a way to get around probate, too. But you still have to do something called Trust Administration. So they trust doesn't magically take care of things either. But I mean, if you have beneficiary based everything, then I mean, yeah, we have to. Usually you have to, like, Go down and take care of your car. Um, the one your death certificate kind of gets filed That stuff that happens without you even having to do anything so that properly their praise or figures out and starts changing things. Um, and usually, then you just have to send death certificates out to like banks and that sort of thing. So I mean, it still could be overwhelming for people have no idea how to do it. And we still help people. I give them a little bit of advice. Um, but, yeah, the best conversation we could have with someone after their family passes is that look, just do these three things. You don't need a probate. You just spent like 30 minutes with us. You don't eat anymore Lawyer time and it's just so seamless and easy and.

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