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Horrifying and and push us beyond anything we've seen before and lorry pracha as someone with gun owners of america obviously strong supporters of the second amendment what jumps out at you well first of all it would hurt him and a cycle it was chosen that uh as so many in fact virtually all of the mass shooting reagan played in our country her over half of a country we're linda grand prix is known mainly van hotel and in spite of an dirtbags available her carry out with her evidently quite a bit of premeditation somebody had had initially that he may have snapped and it doesn't look like he snapped at all he worked out with a great deal of the pale and horrible hand that is what jumped out and as a trouble you at all that he was able to of cain many if not all these weapons legally no i don't think that are going to be the issue uh and all of these cases that we've seen heretofore it often turns out that the gun free zone facilitated what happened in this case i don't think we could say that but it certainly when you say that gunfree zone are you talking about the hotel orient gunfree zone big priyanka that doesn't have anything to do with how he acquired them no uh good acquiring a gun on not been a problem we had one washington dc with her legally a gun free zone it had the highest murder rate for a time and a whole country uh so obviously acquiring the gun on the part of criminals has evidently not been a problem we're joined also in the studios by congressman mike thompson he represents calfornia's fifth district a he is also on the taskforce on gun violence and prevention and congressman thompson welcome thank you very much as.

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