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Think he was probably very much looking forward to going home and seeing friends and family and everything and he has a dog bite there's no word i think on how this actually happened buber were walking a police dog they're doing their normal checks and the dog went on it was like for no reason from mill reason no provocation nope he would they were just doing the normal tax of the house show monday night during the sweep that iota team was considered consists of explicit detective train canine team involved bomb technicians entered arena of through the an area of the arena weren't employee of the world wrestling payment was present the canine entered the room to sweep for the presence of an explosive material as as this swim sweep took place the w clay was accidentally by the came the employees sustained an injury to his lower left leg medical was summoned to seen an employee the employee was transferred to a local area hospital for medical treatment meaning he had to get stitches believed gay one to japan but i don't think he's going to be able to russell in japan yeah they probably still had him go over to see family and visit and all that other stuff into press for them and everything like that but yeah it's i i would bet that he is not wrestling especially if he's got to have stitches in his leg for a dog bite a very random dog by so feel better since cannot 'camorra and oni larkin so sorry that happened to you that's just so weird that like the dog just for no reason no provocation just like lashed out at shinsegei can we talk about how also the stuff that's been coming out for them being in japan as for second becky lynch in monk costume doing mario kart with your woods lou carber in english and kofi kingston dude i cannot wait to see that like becky's like i'm a little scared i'm excited and i'm just as gyp book just love that luke's with them adore luke harper so much like i love the he's a league i hate that he's out of the family but i love that he's out of the family 'cause we get to see a lot more visceral personality and he's just such a quirky cool guy but he just i love him what him the fact that he's just getting out more makes me very happy although although his son did him dirty perma buckling on the up there undid him dirty bludgeon kids who knew day give back quick oh poor luke he just can't get break up up down down is concerned guy he released but the fact that the people as video games with his kid just is adorable so speaking of door bill i want to end the news on a happy note as you may know kevin owens revived his twitter just so he could tweet tonigh twain and get her to sing his favorite song when he went to the schneider twain concert in toronto montreal well he went and he tweeted her parents and he took a sign this is i love kanaya and he had really feeds he was like front row i think at the concert and he.

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