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Champagne anyone trained by Ian Wilkes affiliates coming off a win in the Gulfstream Park oaks while she has to improve, you know, even though she won. We still gotta to get better. I think the Phillies on the peak, you know, starting to come the right direction voice. And I think that's very important and yet and she does have to improve fourteen Phillies. We'll enter the starting gate in the oaks post time is at six twelve this evening and other news today. Louisville. Police have charged a man in January homicide, racial. Tucker is charged with murder in the shooting death of nineteen year old Demonte Delaney. The victim was found shot to death inside of a car on riverside gardens park on January seventh witness reports and physical evidence led police to arrest Tucker, he appeared in arraignment court where the judge reduced his bond from one million dollars to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars Tucker. We'll be back in court later this month. Haley Hanson, NewsRadio eight forty W H A S, President Trump in the White House today answered questions from reporters about his hour-long phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, we wanna help whether you mandatory basis, and I thought it was very positive conversation. I had with President Putin on vendor. As well. The president says he talked about how he felt about the Muller report that cleared him Trump saying Putin smiled as it. He says started off as a mountain and ended up being a mouse House Judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler made a final counteroffer to attorney general William bar after he ignored a subpoena for unredacted version of the Muller report in his offer. He's giving the Justice department until nine AM Monday to comply House Judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler, making a final attempt to negotiate with the attorney general before moving to contempt proceedings now alert made the final offer in a letter to the Justice department this morning requesting that the department comply with a subpoena for the full Muller report without reductions and underlying evidence no later than nine AM Monday this week. The Justice department ignored a Wednesday deadline to turn over the documents. And Democrats have already rejected the departments offer to let a select group of lawmakers view, a less redacted version, Monaco, Sarabi ABC news, Washington, the actor who played Star Wars beloved Chewbacca has died. At the age of seventy four Peter Mayhew passed away on April thirtieth at his home in North Texas. Mayhew leaves behind a wife and three children as well. As millions of devoted Star Wars fans. Your next news update is at three thirty. I'm Suzanne divall NewsRadio. Eight forty W H A S Kentucky, Anna's breaking news, weather, and traffic station, your shot.

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