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You the most in week one from to herbert from and jordan love which which one of those guys to me create the most buzzer caught your eye. The most one one caught my eye. The most was actually the one on still kind of on the fence on and that's justin herber and he's got a huge arm. He's athletic. He's really smart in the first half of that game he and marcus arroyo the o._c. For oregon were on the attack and that's a really good defense against terrific d- line pretty talented on the back end to and i thought they were regressive in the second half and again. I don't know if it was a function of this really limited in what they were able to get open because because they're the receiving core is a little banged up. It's not great to begin with <hes> but they looked very passive and i think that's a concern sern because when you watch him as talented as you start to you know i made this comparison to people i know in the business and i was like i i don't know if there's a little bit of blaine gabbert in him where he's got all physical tools and you're like man this guy's not pro bowl or and he'd never play in the n._f._l. You wonder if he is i pick of the draft kinda kinda guy <hes>. Is there some josh allen. Is you know it's just i don't know oh <hes> so that's the part where again i was expecting him. I guess it was. I don't know probably like nine o'clock eastern. I'm looking at this is the first pick of the draft warsi and now now and then by the end of the night. It didn't look like it looks like the guy who struggled against michigan state who has a really good defense to struggled on. Some of the other big stages struggled on the road so <hes> that's the one i was most intrigued by because the other guys were were especially to a great receivers. He's in better shape now. No doubt about it. I was lighting up inferior. Physically i think he's he's he special. I mean there's no doubts on him. The one i said the one i keep going back on his justin. I think he's kind of thing the point i'm with you on on herbert to me. Josh allen was kind of crept in a little bit but even josh allen i would say just maybe a little bit more instinctive and reactive. I just feel with herbert man even like the stanford game last year he can look unbelievable for these stretches than all sudden. He just kind of loses. It loses the feel just some of the reaction stuff. That's almost backyard football. You want to see some of that. Just natural instincts takeover and i know it's this this is nitpicking and and i know some people think it's silly but it just bothers me on the very last play of the game that you don't have enough. You'll for the football that you put that. I think ten yards out of the back of the end zone. I mean that just is just. I don't know that that bothers me because i feel for throwing the football that isn't that is at the goal line to two to three yards into the end zone and you've got a chance even if you don't catch it for tip up to catch it but the elite guys can control the ball to ten yards out of the back of the end tone yeah. That's the thing that was the issue. I'm watching the game with with my colleague brock. You're obviously a former n._f._l. Quarterback and that is not. It's not a hail hail mary that kid dorm. That's just the show and he makes that throw and i'm like man. I'm gonna put something on a line and then it's like give somebody a chance. I mean it was just it. Almost also look like was that wrapped in practice. You know it wasn't like he was at the at his own forty five and he just got up into it each and that's i'm with you on that. That was like just disappointing. Yeah no doubt <hes> i wanna ask you about to defense guys. I'm gonna let you get back to <hes> to baseball practice here. <hes> what can you tell me about. Terrell lewis <music>. I'm no he's had the injuries they're at alabama but man bruce when you watch alabama's defense and always you're going to see some freaky guys on that tide defense but he looks freak the all of them men that dude is a specimen and he is explosive. Yeah you know what he as long as can be staying healthy. I mean he was the guy i remember number a couple of years ago at the national title game you're around more of the alabama staff at that point just because they're all out in force so a little more comfortable to talk off the record at face and everybody's like that guy and it's funny because you know they have so many five star guys in that program sometimes the guy who might have been high for store or kinda gets glossed over and it's not because they weren't you know a big study highschool or a touted prospect. Just they get overshadowed in. That guy is a little different. I mean look you know guys who who may have run or you know like a reported four forty seven and a combine or vertical jump says but then can you talk to in this is your world you talked to n._f._l. Scouts look yeah when we had accused like a four six something or they're not quite i mean there's there seems to be able to nebraska but they're not quite right as what they were touted to be <hes> and this kid. It seemed like almost the opposite where you talk to people inside the program no no. He's really really special special each scott it. Just gotta stay on you know it was it was fun to watch him. Run around hopefully to stay healthy one more guy now. You've got a chance to see him in person person there and talk to the coaches having done that stanford northwestern game <hes> pulsing deebo. I liked him when i watched him over the summer. I didn't necessarily put him up with those. <hes> those top op couple guys when you look at the corner at l._s._u. And you look at the corner at ohio state but man i watched that game and i haven't got a chance to watch the tape yet bruce but i remember thinking like whoa no yeah he. It looks like he belongs up there. In that class pulse in absolutely duane akina who is cranked out more he leaves defensive backs probably not any other coach working in college football right now now from his days at arizona at chris mcalister had all those all those earl. Thomas michael have all those guys at texas and he puts you. You know this is possible depots third year he puts all right in there with mcallister and those other guys and what's interesting with him. Is you know he had told that. Akina kina told me last week he was. You know we move you know. Sometimes there's a guy who is such a lockdown corner and like you know we're gonna give shots and nichols to keep him kind of engaged not something they did with paulson this in training camp and they said you really really took me. He's a he's put on about ten pounds from last year and they said his body fat is drop op three and a half percent which crazy math. I'm not sure you're i could be able to pull that off of kind of diet. He made a big play made a big big picking back in the game on saturday. I think they're crazy. 'cause only had one <noise> all american defensive back in its entire history. That was tangling. I'm pretty sure our barring injury that policy but it's going to be the number the second one gas. John lynch wasn't an all american bruce. He was not obviously like richard determine who had a big splash in the n._f._l. Was was not at that level as a <hes> as a college player. I mean they've had some really good players. You've come outta there for good prose but this one was this one man it's funny because he was a lot of people have done a receiver was committed to notre dame but just once he got that stanford offer jumped at it and akina was telling me take them as both in camp we liked him weren't sure and then he goes. I went to watch him play basketball and a practice and he goes like he was a very good shooter but you're watching his flippers hips asia and move and i'm like oh my god. We've got distance one. I found totally in on this kid. Well dwayne like you mentioned is the best in the business when you <hes> get a chance to visit with him i love over the years and scouting getting a chance to talk with him about all different guys that he's coached and and he's a darn good evaluator as well as a developer there so that's <hes> that's that's big stuff there on paulsen and diva look for watching him the rest of the bruce skip active baseball practice buddy. I appreciate your time man. Oh always a pleasure to be here. We'll talk to you soon. Well there there you go back. <hes> bruce's always generous with his time even when he's out of the literally game <hes> giving us some nuggets there about some of these top quarterbacks as well as some intriguing defensive players the buck. I don't know if you're with me or not. I thought the star that we can wasn't a player. I thought it was actually a lincoln riley. Oh absolutely what the lincoln riley did and waited. He has gotten jalen hurts up and going. I think is another resume builder just past his resume. When you look at the game i i think <hes> looking at the game not only as a scout but as a fan and as a spectator spectator you're looking at the game and looking at jalen hurts you trying to envision how could jalen hers play at the next level. How can you be a pro is a legitimate n._f._l. Prospect and then what lincoln raleigh did is he gave a blueprint for how he potentially could play at the next level use a mix of his legs his arm make plays and do that and then you look at it and you're like like wow like just think about this guy in the last three years has at baker mayfield number one overall pick calum murray number overall pick. We don't know what jalen hers will be when it comes to the draft but the fact that you as an office of innovator can take our say three different style of quarterbacks and allow your system <hes> to steal be successful to me. That's a huge credit on the n._f._l. Level the only got it aca related to would be joe gibbs. Joe gibbs went to the super bowl with three different for quarterbacks and because he was so flexible in his thinking that he was creative enough to find ways to put those guys in situations where they play to their strengths. Lincoln riley on the collegiate level is demonstrating that ability and i think if i'm looking for a college coast to come to the league one of the first the things that i believe you have to have you gotta have adaptability meaning. I can take what is already here and can be like okay. This is what i have where here's what i'm gonna do with what we have until i can get all the pieces that are want and still willing games link rallies kinda showing that yes he needs some more seasoning seasoning in my mind when it comes to be ready for the pros but his innovativeness his creativity mankind of sets them apart for some of the other guys because not justice justice system is his ability to mod around what he has to me..

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