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His character to the rest of the union s and bobby jones maria on the chad that we use guilt and fear as a means of control. Because it's easy to control somebody else's behavior that way but the sabbath a reminder that god doesn't use that he doesn't use guilt or fear to control us. How does god remind them of the value of the oxygen dunk as gary mentioned if they can perform better ultimately you're going to benefit from it. They're seen as tools that can be easily replaced. But god says no. They need to be blessed as well. And the slave born in your household or the foreigner living among you. They need to be refreshed. Any imagination world this concept that you are there to bless foreigners somebody who's not of your tribe that you need to be kind to your animals you need to be kind to the slaves. The law of the sabbath is going to tell you that you have to release them after a while they cannot be perpetual lifetime slavery different nation different type of community. John i read accidents twenty thirty. Your interest is two different from legal hitter. It is all about community and celebrating community and being at one with kenji. Not just keeping the okay. Bobbie jo this. Discussion is basically looking at the difference between liberty and slavery and the thought came to me that the very essence of liberty is rest because people who are not at liberty cannot rast. It's only the free that can rest. And it's amazing. Because in the garden of eden basically satan's argument or accusation against god. To eve was that they were enslaved that they were not at liberty to make their choices that god was withholding something from them and yet when we look at the sabbath it seems like the sabbath in absence is the sharpest argument against the claim that we're enslaved to god and i think that that's why it would be most offensive to jesus. The creator of the sap is when we keep it in a legalistic way because where then becoming slaves again. He has liberated us to this rest. And yet we enslave ourselves or others by a misunderstanding or mis keeping of it while said but we joe terry is eight fifty eight or see store in three how god remind these people. Both little prophet isaiah. What is the true purpose and nature and agenda goats agenda for sabbath keeping yet day after day they seek me and delight to know my ways as if they were a nation that practiced righteousness and did not forsake the ordinance of their god they ask of me righteous judgments they delight to draw near to god. Why do we fast. But you do not see why humble ourselves but you do not notice look you serve your own interest on your fast day and oppress all your workers so you have turned your religion into a way of self serving and then surprised that the outcome is not what you expected and then comes verse thirteen and fourteen if you refrain from trampling the sabbath and pursuing your own interest on my holy day if you call the sabbath delight and a holy day of the lord honorable if you honor it not going your own ways serving your own interests or pursuing your own affairs then you shall take delight in the lord and i will make you ride upon the heights of the earth i will feed you with a heritage of your ancestor jacob for the mouth of the lord has spoken us if you read over six and seven is not this the fast that i choose to loose the bonds of injustice to undo the throngs of the yoke to let the oppressed go free and to break every yoke is it not to share your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house when you see the naked to cover them and not to hide yourself from your own kin so it's to turn attention away from yourself to others now in light of this. Let's go to john five now. You know the story from percy's one to fourteen about jesus finding near the sheep gate in the place. Bethesda house of mercy where there was no mercy and everybody's looking at the water expecting the solution from the pool and jesus turns their attention to himself and says he's the one who brings mercy into a place where there's no mercy when he has the men do still hope to be. Well he said no. Because i have no man i have. No one can take me to the pool so that i am healed. And jesus shows him. The solution does not come from the tradition. Our old horror holy connected with something supernatural which might not have been supernatural. Might not have been an angel the lord. Interestingly that's what people around the believed but it's questionable whether that was the source of healing because other places the gospel say that never has been the eyes of lined opened et cetera et cetera. But jesus says in verse. Eight due to set to the man get up. Pick up your mat and walk doin. The man was cured. He picked up these matt and walked and the day on which this took place will sabbath were standing so the jewish leaders said the man who had been healed. It is the saab. The law forbids you to carry your match and the man the best he can say it's not me. The man who made me well said to me. Pick up your mat and walk so bill with him. Not with me or sixteen their for the jews started persecuting jesus because he was doing such things on the sabbath and how does she respond. How did he defend himself. But jesus hansard them. My father is still working. And i also am working for this reason. The jews were seeking all the more to kill him because he was not only breaking the sabbath but also calling god his own father thereby making himself equal to god so he didn't help him sell the defense legal so into greater trouble because they know that he's not equal with god and of course in john the narrator helps you to see things which are behind the scene so that you would not know otherwise insult from the prologue. You already know what they don't know and so you know they are on now. What's the meaning of this guy. What happens that he.

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