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Plants and animals were able to survive. Today. Those remnant bios are marooned as mountain Island surrounded by the sea of the desert in this region of the Sky Island is the only place or is the place where Jaguars and black bears meet. Is the place where you have northern birds like sandhill cranes and birds from the tropics, like military Macaws, the Sky Island said at the confluence of four different ecosystems. The Rocky Mountains to the north, the Sierra Madre in the south and the Sonoran in Chihuahua desserts. With so much diversity in one area, Sergio says. The sky Islands are a biodiversity hot spot. So these bio logical region Brings together species from the north and the south that they don't meet in anywhere else. We get out of the car and walk along a small trail. The past were on is actually part of the Arizona Trail that goes from Mexico to Utah. We're driving up Mount Lemmon today, but you can also hike the mountain in about five hours. I think right here where it about 4500 ft of elevation. We've been going up on the mountain and you can see a little bit of the change. Now we start seeing some oak trees. And I have to say I'm pretty cold. I'm chilly. Yeah, Let's go see what we see. Over here in the trees were walking in an oak woodland but doubted in the understory of the forest you might see in Pennsylvania are huge cactus, waist high, covered in orange and yellow flowers. This.

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