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Most by a first or second year player in Lakers history and the most since Magic Johnson scored twenty one and a half as a second year player back in the nineteen eighty eighty one season Lakers, a four point lead back out to Houston with marquess share and John berry. Thanks a lot. Breaking Calcutta's stepped up JBL forty one points against the pistons earlier this month in the thirty two on thirty averaging eighteen points with LeBron James twenty two without. And I think I mentioned earlier at the December that he had twenty two a game on forty eight percent shooting shock. Thirty percent. He got off to an awful start, obviously. But this guy confident in stroke, it he's got to go on here on the early going Kouzmin at the line where the Lakers are dead last in the NBA misses the first free throw. They actually had their best free throw shooting night of the season Thursday night. They went nineteen of Twenty-one coups mitch's split of hair and the Lakers have a five point lead seventeen twelve rockets. They'll bring it up six twenty to go in the first and James Harden's pass from about thirty feet across court to no one in particular. And they turned it over unforced error is the first turnover of the evening though for Houston. Six minutes James Nunnelee, just signed a ten day contract on Wednesday played on that game. Wednesday against Brooklyn is in years Caldwell hope for three. Nope. Offensive rebound Chandler against the small ball rockets Taylor wheels. In the lane draws contact on a shot at the rim. Tyson Chandler will get himself to free throws three offensive rebounds. Now for the Lakers in the early going. Definitely something that Houston is going to have to deal with Gerald green. First foul, and that's a good question for Luke Walton. You know, they're going to go small. So do you chess match with them and go small or do you try as they are trying here early? We haven't even seen zubec- yet to use that. You know, be who you are and Tyson Chandler happens to be one of the great offense is leagues ever seen. Maybe not the greatest free after that. This hit the backboard. I know you can't get out of the way you play. I mean, that's what Don Nelson. Remember, the great daughter who wants so many games in this league. He would try to get you to do that. Remember, he tried Anthony Mason running the point guard gets you into doing things that you're not accustomed to. You still got to be who you are. Chandler just split the free throws Lakers lead at their largest six eighteen to twelve five fifty five left quarter, Gerald green front court for Houston gives it up to James harden to a seven points early. They will let him go, right? And he's going to go to his right now penetrates and kicks for a three pointer from wing. No good. And here comes the rebound. Down court pass for Ingram. Tipped it goes to Kentavious caldwell-pope cutting down the lane for the slam did run out there for long distance pass call we'll poke it's easy dot number two in the fast break points. They lakers. Jerry Clark is wide open for three and he just buried it. He's twenty nine percent three point of the rookie from Cincinnati. They loved them wide open, and he hits all these shots seemed to be wide open for us twenty two fifteen on that make it's a five point game. A step back three ball connecting for the Lakers. It's a deep to foot on the line twenty two to fifteen. Court hardened passes into the corner saved by Gerald train. Right back to harden on the right way since it back in the corner of the green for three hundred berries the corner trae the rockets back within floor invention green and threes Eighty-one percent of his shots from behind the arc in the last game. He played he took fifteen shots all fifteen threes. Well, he's taking three shots tonight all from three and he just connected on his first time out on the floor. Four fifty four to go here in this first quarter, and we will step away.

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