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Dave bennett. Thank you Vic, there were twenty trades involving thirty two players at the trade deadline and the National Hockey League. None of those deals involved. The Blackhawks Oxted Pat at the deadline, though. They did activate goaltender Corey Crawford from injured reserve. Serve our xfinity. Blackhawks report the hawks start a three game road swaying tomorrow at Anaheim. The hawks lost ground to of their playoff rivals last night as Vancouver beat Anaheim to leapfrog. The hawks had Colorado picked up a point in an overtime loss to Florida. The bulls played without Chris Donna and Otto porter jR, the bucks played without Janas out to Tacoma Paul, but still had enough to beat the bulls won seventeen one zero six dropping the bulls to sixteen and forty five on the year. James harden streak, a games with the least thirty points was snapped. At thirty two games in Houston's one nineteen one eleven win over Lanta. That's the second longest such streak in NBA history. Gonzaga, the new number one in college basketball, followed by Virginia, a Duke, Kentucky and North Carolina. Michigan state is sixth. Michigan ninth. Marquette is ranked tap last night. Notre Dame fell to eighteenth ranked Florida state sixty eight to sixty one for the Blackhawks the northwest. Wildcats White Sox baseball Dave at WGN sports. Using an overpriced trash bags pricey pricey bag that breaks. Or a smelly bags? Time to switch to hefty ultra-strong trash bags always at an ultra low price. There are best bags yet. And they cost less than glad force flex were sold head to head. So you'll be happy hefty ultra strong with Armand hammer odor control available at Sam's Club. How.

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