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That could be going for a thirty minute. Walk outside and then after the next month after that you reevaluate. Could i increase my speed to speed walk. Could i increase my my speed to very slow job. Plus the internet and making video of naomi speed. Lucky i mean just for that. Because this is what's happened is over quarantine you and millions of people right have talked themselves into it. This is the narrative you have in your mind. I have not been able to do anything. And i have gained some weight. You called it. The coordinate limiting which is free money. You've got gotta get your nineteen. Yeah good but the truth is and this is a hard truth for a lot of people to really hear. You had thirty minutes every day. God does she know. I'm no no no no no totally in your mind. We've got a we have to re evaluate how we're spending our day to go on a thirty minute walk. We can all do that. Yeah and i'm sorry that felt like a shame. Oh no no no no no did not to give me a talking show dante. No it didn't and it's also like i think in a way though it's like when it comes to all that kind of stuff you can't say anything to shame me that i'm not already shaming myself right. Which is exactly what you're saying when you're like. Oh it makes me feel the best about me. Because i think that's where i met at this point where i'm like. I am so over hating my body. You know what i mean. I'm like okay. I'm done with this. Which means okay now. I am ready to actually do it. Because you've got that. Sometimes you have to feel like i would say to me. He's like when when you feel bad you'll change when you feel mad enough when it feels bad enough you'll fix them right when the inside of your brain is screaming at you. Yeah please like when. I'm sitting on the couch for too long and my bridge. Just get the fuck up. Just get off right. And i think that's where i met with this. That's on like mccamley. You ally like got thirty minutes. And i need to. You know. I was always using the fact the also. It's the same thing though in florida. I'm like so fucking hot and it was like on fire and stuff where i was like. I can't get out during the day but honey we've got that nice dusk time you know six. Pm is the time now. I can't i can't make you can do it. It's just a matter of training your brain again like for me. It took a while right. I was complaining a lot. It was hard. And i have got myself into a place where i hate it still but i'm doing it anyway. Yeah and. I'm only doing it. Because i want to feel good about myself and i want to go along. I want to feel good about myself. Yes and this is for me what has helped and also knew me. You can't do the mask. You cannot do the thing that you least want to do in the day and that it ruins your life because you would but then that means i have to wake up early. No don't wake up early. You just have to do it. I because if you if you're if you're spending your whole day dreading the thing then everyday sucks so you've got a g john. I do the worst big bird. Worst thing first thing thing. Yeah eat the frog broad. If if there's been one theme throughout this conversation is the struggle against a nursia pulling out themes i haven't advanced degree fans baseline explain that to me every whether it's existential inertia whether it is aerobic inertia what i like this this we all get stuck in these states right and we whether it is because we think that that's what we're supposed to be in or because like it's like very comfy on that couch and orbited the los angeles is flow of like broken glass broken down strip malls everywhere. Whatever that a nur- show is you get stuck in it and the life in some way not to get too philosophical but it is like struggling against that russia right. Live is to find a way to strike against that inertia and to like even if you don't ever get there it's it's the struggle right. It's struggle as the thing. Eleven would tell me if you can shrink time between doing the thing that you know to do. Don't say you're abbas between the knowing in the doing like when you have to do the because the space between the knowing and the doing is misery yes right and we all push that space as long as possible which is why we're all miserable. It's like the moment and the catholic. I gotta get up and then you just miserable for the next three hours because you don't get up and like any writing or any writing for i'm like oh i need to do it. I feel like shit. And then when i finally sit down and do it was the happiest i ever and maybe this is another version of relief when i actually finished the writing. Even if he's like the draft one does the act of doing it. I'm like yeah. Ooh we live. And how long did you spend hours crafting emails to people explaining to them. Why i can't write the thing. They want me to write but it will take me hours to write the email. It's getting me out. It would have been easier for me straight to think. Oh my god. I'm not in my head so violently that i could break my neck watching and it's so interesting because i have been a procrastinator and watching glennon live for the last four and a half years. I watched her do the thing. I.

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