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So if you could get Christian Wilkins at twenty five it'd be great if you trade up a couple of spots for him also okay with that yummy knock on him in shutout to our good friend, Noah Becker, who has been hammering this allow for for a bit. Now does the fact that like he's kind of older for job prospect than he turns twenty four this year. I know that doesn't sound super old. But you know, some of these other rookies by comparison today during brunette still twenty two so. Consider it is a little bit on the older side. And you kind of wonder too when you're looking at his production in what he's done like how much is he like why is there a part of him that he's been better? Just because like he's older than some of these other guys facing? Yeah, I get that as a potential knock. But I think that's the only thing you don't love about him. Like, he's the thing with him is I don't think he's ever going to be elite. Like, I don't think he has that kind of like takeover potential like Fletcher Cox, necessarily by used to be a really darn good defensive tackle. And he's going to be able to generate a lot of pressure is going to be disruptive, especially in the scheme. So to me that's a pick really like in terms of one that's probably more realistic than Ed Oliver. Yeah. And I've seen in some mocks or he's going higher than I think it would even be possible for the eagles to to draft than in some Oxy's falling to the eagles and falling pass the eagles. He seems to be a guy that there's not a lot of there's no consensus on kind of where he's going to go here. Beal jay. So if you're going defensive tackle that would give. Where the eagles are picking. That would be a terrific terrific selection. Number three for you be Eljay threes, Cody Ford, the offense of tackle. And some people think you might be guard in the NFL from Oklahoma. I just think that dude is a beast. It's big his comparison on NFL dot com. Scouting report from Lancer, sir line is actually eagles right guard Brandon Brooks. So you know to add another player of that caliber if he can be that good for the eels on this offense of line. I dislike that a lot. I think you can potentially come in and play guard your one again, if let's say like Brandon Brooks isn't ready to play right away early in the season. Maybe throw Cody Ford out there. He starts for a little bit. He serves as a backup behind small. Oh, as well as smaller struggles unit convention, and which hopefully doesn't happen. But if it does not have the option there if you have a tackle injury vision of your starter. But then all of a sudden you have code afforded backing him up instead of literally no one. So or Jordan my ladder, you know, counting on him in year two. So I really just like the Patel. Title of putty Ford potentially being there, and then again, decent beaters retires. Maybe you move lean Johnson over to the left side. Or maybe you're just fine. Keeping Cody Ford at left tackle. I I really liked that essential to add to their. I just think, you know, protecting Carson Wentz very very important thing for this team. And if you can do that, and you can get Cody Ford, I like that pick. Yeah. And I think he checks off a lot of boxes for the eagles too. Because you're like you said he can play multiple positions on on the on the defensive on the offensive line was reading some things about him today to he kind of has a little bit of a mean streak to him. It's a lot of regard. So you certainly don't mind that and I think just some some of the weaknesses that he showed us a little bit in in pass protection..

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