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America lover shove is brought to you. By Grainger Grainger going to hear, more from Bubba Grainger later on. It's, my favorite part of the week yeah my made. In heaven yeah now they're great they really do a great job safety and. Industrial supplies and. Just everything all around all. Around player that's. That's a great way to describe all around all around can we. Start going all around love it or we. Can sure, yeah Andrew, luck, will, play. All sixteen games this season love it or shove it junior I love this man. I it was so good. Seeing him on the field last night. Seeing his response to contact quarterbacks always. Say I need. That I hit in every game to. Really, get into the rhythm. Andrew. Lucked needed that. I hit to get the rhythm for the rest of the season he's gonna get better protection upfront. The weapons around him yeah outside of TY Hilton it's not. Going to look great outside of, him and Jack Doyle but. I, think, we're gonna see Andrew lucked weather the storm I. Think we're going to the kind Kind of Assad kinda just to Vanu life. Here not. Actually putting his body at risk. All. The time I, wanna love it but until it. Happens I'm gonna have. To shove it. I mean I wanna love it. I want that to be the. Case. But until we can. Prove, that not just Quentin Nelson but Ryan Kelly the is back, and they can protect Andrew luck a little, better and the. Hill protect himself a little better I'm going to have to. Shove it until I can see for sure that he's completely healthy and be the line. Will do a better job of, protecting all right giants. Fans, are overreacting over one. Nice run from saquon Barkley love it or shove it I completely, love this I I do I, think, it's to be fair. I don't think just the giants okay ESPN dot com, article on ESPN, dot com did the best players at their position twenty five or under before he had played a single snap. And the running back with saquon Barkley let's pump the brakes hero I think we're all overreacting I think it will be great it could be great can. We just. Get him a preseason game a. Regular. Season game number, one and see what he does. Against that kind of. Stuff so look. It was a good run let's. Just pump the brakes a little. Bit Saquon overrated I have. No idea we have I have no data.

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