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Welcome back to be named decision podcast i'm your host people follow me on twitter at deep on six six follow the show on twitter at u d pod foley entire internet were at gr network found a solution subscribe on i tunes schreiber on spotify subscriber everywhere podcast you give it away absolutely free ninety nine or back i know you're thinking hey friday that's what we differ podcast trump and you're not wrong about that but that's way subscribers place that talked about since you could get up to the day you de pod news in the big news from i guess recording on thursday some are stewart jeez june twentyseventh air fish off in paul heyman had been handed the reins of smackdown respectively and i would be miss if i didn't wanna talk who wrestled my good friend sam frank sam palm this is a as i noted on twitter like for people that are big wrestling fans i tried to use a different sport analogy in the one that popped into my head was this'll be like it's baseball commissioner rob manfred handed over control of the american league to ride in the national league pete rose like just people that are kind of you know against thee grain of what vincent man with trying to do for so long and now he's giving control of his two most important assets to these two people that at one point were trying to take him down well let's start we'll definitely get to that is that is like that's why that's why you are like on the microphone really either yell at are televisions like so much crazy shit happened this morning but i do wanna talk about russia almost five thousand while in the last week some pretty interesting if not in earning at least on the internet which is the most twenty nineteen thing you could possibly say nope those of you who are wrestling fan heavy keeping track god bless you you're better than us by seth rollins he of universal championship a grand slam he of one of probably be cornerstones of the future the ww me he went on a little tlc will put her chesting this week in happened before stomping grounds and he kind of came out and said hey margaret or one of the best show possible we work no one works harder than us over puts on a better show known this more consistently and the w w e the biggest crossing pergram acquit now full stop right there i have there's very little taking to take issue with a guy is looking at his brand a guy who's been tad internally and externally as a leader about forementioned brand has said you know what the thing i did my my wife my heart my soul to the place that pays my bills the place you live in that's that's invested in me i think you're pretty damn good at the wrestling thing did you have a problem with that same see i don't have a problem with what's left it at all in fact if i did have a problem with other of the two parties involved you know with with sort be a beef the came out of it my my beef would be with with will ask ray because you know he's in a situation where it just kind of looks like when when you're the quote unquote little guy or whatever and obviously he made t shirts and and good for him for jumping on a capitalistic opportunity but you know he he he's not in the position of a guy like seth and a guy like that who's worked very very hard to get to where he is and and the guy who's been through the ringer so to speak she ended up finally seems to above hit his stride in the biggest company in become one of the faces of the one of the biggest a you know wrestling company with right now the biggest wrestling company in the world and so that and so i don't i don't see between the two of i have no problem with either one of them because sat came out and said what he said he's the captain of the team he says i believe much rocket that now offers like look pro wrestling everywhere i'm i'm alive and actually see that 'cause i don't live in so for me as you were both brother who say made early thirties who grew up ninety tip off in this is just this is andre previn robbery law since the thank you check every year rick forever thrown and talk shit talking shit is professional wrestling like the the problem that i have with the people are just going too far or or or or will often result look man the point is the point is were all talking about maybe that's the point where talking about it and people like oh says trump you said he talked about his paycheck oh you shouldn't do that he that tell you lose the argument were harassing you watch it just seems like winning the argument meyer and i thought you win argument if it's not like it's not worth watching unlike rationality ten play through this is where you swing the biggest stick in you show i mean this is where you know brother and oh yeah came from man like this is not normal life if if people come to pro wrestling in say festivals wrong droppings quite literally that's how we talk about professionals who you're talking about a mount rushmore you say who drew the most money in the hardest time people down kevin national champion because you have any holding the title at one of the down here's the wwf so forgive me say that it's not about the money all of a sudden is a super weird take in my opinion considering the business were talking about yeah it's like super popular still i you know what he never wore that potato sack of the ring debbie he didn't even brag about the hoover hoover rideshare he took to be arena you've got us into middle say hell no roofer limousine ride that play if why why this is this is professional wrestling this is supposed posedly happening and if we got a situation where people were so high it's about what they're doing they're so in love with the product they're producing whether it's whether it's fucking it makes you jump off a building not if the performers and get behind if the performers and say i'm doing everything i can to take the biggest part i came to that side jammed between those roads why are we manage it and look what is one thing that rick flair you know be sixteen time world heavyweight champion the the phrase algae you is used the man and obviously it's kind of funny that ties in because obviously becky lynch is dating seth rollins but he's the mayor of course and i'm saying here man when your thumb man it comes with that braggadocious she sniffed that swagger that you have to have an this is the the champ this is the guy in the ww right now the champ of monday night raw end he should have this attitude you shouldn't be like yes i'm the best damn wrestler on the planet planet somebody tell me that's not right we figured out around 'cause you i think hip hop you people whatever the thing is to literally fucking anything i'm just saying like this is the point where like if they saw each other in the clubs in terms of getting from like you know that that's not even maybe in nineteen ninety four but in two thousand nineteen baffin bay getting what they've done here what have they done here but and that's he was all you're you're denigrating wofford disneyland loss rate would have been reynolds ignoring it sets brother it's all over there seth rollins has a massive platform the biggest thing you could look at big big they will tell you one day arguments they make does take a little bit in big bank doesn't have the into a bank little bank pops up in big big now did they who they this is like the back of this is this is sort of a microphone for the tiger we have exhausting but you'll see more exhausting more dumb one of the best on the planet who happens to be an executive in an up and coming organization speaking out in a way seems to fly in the face with a reasonable organization what am i talking about kenny omega for items you'd be champion of current face of all elite wrestling he sent out a tweet this week and i don't have it in front of you could see deleted it but to paraphrase he says if taking blood money per wrestling's okay if she is i guess it's okay to undercut hey it's a a a a charity show show show dedicated survivors goodbye i don't really have fun and i know it's gonna be accomplished i didn't know really i feel gross doing what he's talking about is that hw spider best which is gonna be aired on air for free i believe it's july thirteen i mean it's a mental they're gonna be airing on we were alive 'em is gonna be happening in florida ww this weekend now that the network will be streaming that same night they involve tenth anniversary they're also littering the card with ww town nfc down because sweaters gay philosophy is an integral part of most of the things you love the wb all the ring of honor guy seth rollins tower black crime peterson daniel bryan samoa joe samoa joe a casino a says are those guys are all ring of honor when galas running in now gave broke offered runs the ball and involve if you spend in the nfc is the minor league then of all this the feeder system the mike involves like you're eighty you programs for best of all it's where matt rule campus where members since after he got picked up on the wb trial he said i don't think i'm ready i need to season myself they see them the game they're very open and very good working relationship with case lucky and they're able to produce johnny gargano cedric alexander drew goulash an adam page adam cole accused empty adam cole a a a colorado a lot of these guys came through those doors and silver accuses ola so for them to go back to the anniversary people's i think can't even thinking it's more of a a a a kind of takes away the shock me w but how could you take away the shine when i believe the of all events in philly in w vincent florida were not exactly activism tickets in both events are streaming so i'm probably gonna eat the pr wise in watch hw show eventually i'm definitely watches the show eventually if it's a weird complaint from someone who's companies owners also happen to be giving and taking money from the thirties yeah it's definitely a weird situation and palm just for clarity stake a spider fasted this weekend pifer the fallen is the one that's up against be involved show that michael the name everything the same thing they did it is very very close you crawl but it's not because i'm an idiot because it's like me earlier when we were in will get to this later on the bishop thing but i said the smackdown gonna be the first a free their national wrestling blah blah blah just completely forgetting about you know we all but again it is a weird situation and it just kind of feels like be little pot shots that were starting to see both sides taken each other in reference the w w e an a an eight w an this'll be interesting because the coming up in july this this of all card it's gonna be a pretty good one i mean it's it's gonna have a matt read on it it's going to have a the current annex t t champion adam cole on it so that that is certainly a car that it's gonna go up against you know fight for the fallen and probably dented numbers if i had to pick one i would still be eight w event but just because i'm very intrigued by what they're doing but this whole thing about this head the head stuff it's it's it's great the business but once they start to take like these little pot shops and things like i don't think you know general fans really care about all all of that stuff they they just want the the to the constantly being spring each other onto a greater and wrestling forever well that's what's interesting to me because what eighty w k me and they said they were gonna compete with ww which is why they said they want it to increase the pool over overpressurization how better to increase the pool then by televising under network d h w.

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