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1 95 westbound just after Wilbur Avenue and Somerset. Mass. Laurie gradually bc's Traffic on the three and now the WBC four day act. You weather forecast as we go live to WBZ AccuWeather, meteorologist in DeVore. All right. We're looking at the skies have cleared out pretty well around the city north and immediate south shore farther down the south shore to the south coast in the Cape. Still some clouds there, but overall Sunshine. For the most part temperature's going to relax a little bit in the low forties. Today, Jim will end up in the twenties in your 30 Tonight is the clouds back up. Maybe a shower later tonight, Tomorrow temperatures back in the low forties and then Jupiter's upper forties, mild Friday before some rain that could get heavy at times Friday night into Saturday begins a chill down that'll last into the end of the weekend and through most of next week. Temperature's gonna be colder overall. I'm AccuWeather meteorologist, See DeVore WBZ Boston's news radio. All right, thank you there, Gene and the forecast brought to you by the North Atlantic States Carpenter's Union. And right now in Boston 33 degrees sunder mostly clear skies. There's a reason the top builders in the North Atlantic states use union carpenters, in fact or three. Quality value and trust Bill your business with the North Atlantic States Carpenters Union visit nes RCC dot org's on as we continue to follow all of the breaking details about Corona virus around the world. Japan is expanding a coronavirus state of emergency. For seven more prefectures, affecting more than half the population as infections continue to spread across the country. Their prime minister also saying Japan is going to suspend fast track business entry permits fully banning foreign visitors..

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