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At Pittsburgh International. Fifty at eight o'clock. I'm Paul Rasmussen. Just the pope Francis has issued a new policy for data can personnel and diplomats overseas requiring the immediate reporting of abuse allegations to Vatican prosecutors, it's the first time the Vatican has put into law requirements for Catholic leaders to report allegations of sex crimes to civil authorities or face fines and possible jail time. There's an arrest in Thursday afternoon shooting that left demand dead and another wounded in homestead the men all knew each other police say the motive was parking, Katie k ATV's Brenda waters has more all went down yesterday afternoon just before five in the three hundred block of west oak street. Shots. A forty year old who was treated for his injuries and released Mazda. A second victim thirty nine year old male died. It wasn't long after the shooting. Police got a tip about the whereabouts of the alleged shooter. Forty two year old Neil Chandler of homestead officers. Tracked him down to a nearby home on west thirteenth avenue in Chandler, eventually came out and was taken away in handcuffs. The victim in the shooting has been identified. This morning is thirty nine year old Calvin Walker of west Mifflin. The father of the man charged in the shooting death of a new Kensington police officer has been arrested. Gregory welcome junior was picked up a Thursday morning in homeward on charges of witness intimidation related to his son's case. Bottom is rahmael Holt's father the man accused of shooting Brian Shaw in two thousand seventeen holding nothing back President Donald Trump lit into his foes Thursday at a political rally in Michigan. Here's CBS's Steven port. Knowing calling Democrats who continue to investigate him sick people. The president says the collusion delusion is over the Democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous..

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