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In if we're talking about supporting sierra adrenals right our adrenals are reproductive system. That's our emotions. Our relationships that is about we wanna focus on see orange colored foods again just think of the rainbow and we're just going through the spectrum of the rainbow right as we went from red to orange so foods that are rich in orange colored in orange the orange pigment for example right so say bell peppers you know orange bell peppers citrus foods. All these things are really great for the role but so are fermented foods in say seafood and nuts see so we want dietary fats dietary fats and oils. That can come from nuts disease or also great foods for the sake role great foods for a reproductive system great foods for journals and we talked about the heart rate so you said digestion digestion heart you though so just pick the person next one okay. Great or the next one is the solar plexus and that is that supports our digestion. Are liver gallbladder pancreas that is about balancing in our stomach intestine. All the whole area right art justice systems but that's about balance that's about personal power. That's about feeling in your power. That's about energy. It's feeling balance because that is third shock rap and that is were at colors that's resonates with the color yellow so you choose. Foods that are yellow in color fibers. Also really good soluble fiber whole grain lagoons. These are all foods Good good quality. Dietary carbohydrates right. These are all great foods to support our guides obviously like over talking about soluble fibers. But it's also great for our energy centers. Also great for balance i'm into these are these are these are foods in. I actually took crystal. But we'll talk about that another time but these are all foods support that energy center. So if you're feeling like your digestion is off right you can reach for you know an. I don't have everyone's reach for a banana but a banana would be a good thing because it depends on your blood sugar blood sugar levels but that's good for like the average person has got great fiber in it and and it's a healthy dietary carbohydrate. If we're talking about the heart you know the heart. Shocker is that resonates with the color green. And that's one that. I talk about a lot because we have had so much that we've had to go through collectively right individually with their families but also globally in terms of our hearts right. There's been a lot of heartbreak. Tragedy tragedy in trauma Over twenty twenty and so eating foods are in alignment with the color green which resonates with the harsh. Shocker is really really healing nurturing for your cardiovascular system. Obviously because of all the microphones all the fighter nutrients in these grains Dark green leafy vegetables. Anything that's great any green vegetables or fruit. Great for that. But it's also great for great for that heart shock route that which is about expansion growth and so when we're talking about systems that are governed by the heart shock. That is our lymphatic. You know our lungs are har- officer cardiovascular system which already mentioned but also the greens help with oxygenation circulation breathing all things that are very nurturing to our heart shock. So i can go all the way up by Those are like the years cool bottom from everything you're saying is it's just once again rationale to eat your veggies like if it's you know you know that it's like you look at some of the statements that have just persevered in nutrition and one of them is eat from the rainbow when we're saying that it's not like skittles but you know that all these different plant callers have different functions at all these different plant nutrients have different things. They do so. There's a reason that there's golden beats and red beets and red onions white onions. You know it's mother nature smart. She didn't just make all the stuff just for no reason. So the cool thing is is even if you couldn't pinpoint right now where you're where you might have some blockages or weakness. If you just focused on eating more colors yes really like. If you looked at every day. I think one of the coolest things you can do. Now that we're actually home. Cooking a benefit right is like try a different vegetable every week. Try something different so you get off your routine right. I love that yet. And that's really one of the biggest takeaways i have for every audience is that you don't don't feel pressure that you've got eat a whole rainbow of vegetables and fruits in one meal. I mean that's great if you can get sal into your salad or into your stu. Whatever it is that you're making but as as long as you're doing throughout the course of the whole day you know so from breakfast to dinner you can literally just kind of check off all this different colors. You can have different berries and stuff in the morning with your smoothie or with your oatmeal or however you like to have berries but those are two really beautiful colors that resonate with your third eye and also your route. So you know. Throughout the course of the day you can hit you know five six seven colors. You're getting those veteran new ginger getting those those minerals in those vitamins. And you know you're also targeting those energy centers and as we know when you're middle aged anywhere to forty and forty nine. You really want to prioritize. Calcium d vitamin c in iron. You get those from those leafy. Greens you get those by nurturing. Her heart shock are you're you're targeting those nutrients in as you you know whether you're in your fifties or sixties you know you have to prioritize other vitamins and nutrients but you're getting them all when you hit the rainbow you. It's very rare. I mean there are the occasional few people but for the most part if you put a bunch of nutritionists in a room. We'd probably all agree on this one site. We'd say drink more clean water. Eat more non-strategic vegetables right. I mean there you go. But here's another justification. In a way. That i think i know we've never talked about on the show for looking at this. You probably have never thought about that. Can make a big difference so Someone wanting to continue on with your work. I know you're giving away in e book. And i'm gonna put it at. Jj virgin dot com slash serena to make it easy and that's s. e. r. e. n. a. So jj virgin dot com slash serena and it is Designed for the anti-ageing lifestyle. You.

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