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Alaskans the phone lines are open at 357 five eight six eight three five seven fifty eight sixty eight good afternoon alaska here's aid needed boss heat well good afternoon on this glorious friday broadcasting from the two thousand eighteen alaska republican party convention and downtown anchorage at the hilton hotel hopefully you're weak has been a great week and it's about to get better because hey it's friday but no we are joining us live at the convention this has been a great convention and i am so thrilled to kick it off in the right way and that is with lieutenant governor candidates kevin meyer he is the state senator representing south anchorage inn running for lieutenant governor correct yes it has been a great conference so far you know today's only does the second day um but it's just fun to see other republicans agip seen for while statewide in the end the you know it's it's been good to get away from juneau for a couple of days france nc family so i'm excited and i gotta i gotta tell it's got to be a nice welcome break from gino yes definitely senator meyer one of the things i was really excited about when i came in yesterday i really felt it yesterday and i feel it today there is an air of excitement about republican candidates and really the the promise of alaska and i think this year this house mateen a lotta people are have been down i mean we've dealt with crime in budgets and spending in all these different issues but re really have a sense of this convention that t.

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