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Just download the free get upside app at the app store or Google play and use promo code happy save money on gas on every fill up download the free get upside app and use promo code happy that's H. A. P. P. why when we started Shenandoah kitchen and home we were known as Shenandoah furniture gallery we created custom furniture pieces including our signature items the farm table we still do that today but now we've grown to be much more than just a made to order furniture company now we design and fully remodel spaces including kitchens bathrooms home offices in basements visit us online at Shenandoah far tables dot com or better yet come visit our show room in Purcellville Virginia and learn why we are so much more than furniture I'm Jeff Dick chairman and CEO of main street bank finding a bank with through personal services difficult in a large metropolitan area like Washington DC sure we have the latest banking technologies first move and secure transactions but mainstreet bank offers more switch to main street bank and I promise you'll experience the personal attention you deserve and the access to local decision makers you must have visit M. street bank dot com we bank where you breathe main street bank member FDIC. locally owned Novak has competitive rates and some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings among electric utilities in Virginia. members are receiving more than four million dollars in cash back credits in December and they enjoy the most reliable power in the region Novak is growing its renewable energy supplies including more solar. our view contrast. Hey guys my name is Karen and I wanted to tell you a story about my boyfriend Mike he's a great guy super fun he is the best in so many ways except for a life in the bedroom the last several months he lost his ability to perform it also lost his confidence it changed him any became miserable and he was about to lose me so get this he has an ad about this powerful male enhancement product call knocks the drill it's all natural no stuffy nose no headaches no side effects he tries it and all I can say is wow incredible I told him this feels like **** on steroids boy was I glad I stuck around with knocks a trail bike is now my energizer bunny it keeps going and going problem solved thanks now to trail and not to tell has this free bottle offer so now there's no excuse for every guy to have it keep going and going.

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