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If you could do almost anything is east two android waqf the ability to vote shelf scripts is through the lyrics desktop right it's it's a really good our task is interesting because either have heard of it or have never heard of it or without at you're going to throw your phone out the window like the people that are into task heavier hours an hour as our swings cribs what what is what does this thing i get what it is toss get fit well think you like apple script is to the mac os desktop l k can you'd example they expect it to you by that was not the same thing you pain up brain well well argued site where thank you think of it as the red bricks in legco hi i'm at understand she but but yet so since something like tasca can do all of these toss eight summer vacations of bill tossed reintegration explicitly but most of them have an task who still do at least some things where those because it uses the accessibility ap eyes right so it's essentially a way of allowing things to control your followed by a spoke to pay for exists building software only a google on now cracking down what do i don't know about is what people who are going to fall into the hall here where they providing a useful thing the google of no danger to provide is a real operating system ipi 'cause they're up just go why because each things like that the make people who need this whole thing prefer android to oil spoils go ecology loud and that you share of luck guess i'm sure this will be fixed in some way shape so i can see them giving something like less pass a dedicated api very specific thing but like you said four something like tasker i.

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