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Before we go. Here's a little bit about how your friends and neighbors are coping with this social isolation you guys have been calling in and sharing your stories. I love to hear it because we're all getting through in our own way. Hi My name is Kathy and I was in Cleveland Heights Ohio. One thing I've been doing is I've been scheduling virtual copy dates for friends or Coffee OR RUN DOWN TO THE CORNER and Violante we can still get carry out restaurants and coffee shops and then I sit in my kitchen with them and we have a little coffee date either. That's unsure or by phone or face time I meditate. I missed a lot but my favorite is connecting with my friend sitting in my kitchen drinking coffee. Hi Mary. My name is Carl Taylor. I'm from South Indiana past search. That serves the homeless. And I'm going to work because we're part of the services that provide warm shelter for homeless in this case mornings from Monday to Thursday and give them a hot meal showers laundry clothing mail telephone services as part of a network that we have here in South Bend. So I'm continuing to go to work. Even though some staffer staying home we've had to rely more on homeless guests the kitchen and take leadership roles But we're pulling through hi. My name is still pro. My husband my two and a half year old daughter and now three ducklings in the bathtub I went and bought duck links Guess I it was a nice cheerful thing to do. Don't worry take care of them but here we are. Okay say everyone share your story. A let us know how those ducklings workout tweeted me. I'm at Mary's desk or just call two zero two eight two five eight all right. That's the show. What next is produced by Daniel Hewitt Mary Wilson Jason Leone End Mara Silvers Mary Harris? I'll get you back here tomorrow.

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