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That that this will come forward and and produce enough pressure on congress to address of more than just for their own members the to address it in the president i want to believe that as americans we can put aside our political inclinations and admit that some things in fact do transcend politics that we will hold mr trump to the same standard as harvey weinstein and the other men who were held accountable for their reprehensible behaviour therefore i ask that congress put aside their party affiliations and investigate mr trump's history of sexual misconduct the first of all fat chance right fat chance there's a difference between the senate that has a constitutional selfpolicing written in capability and congress reviewing president trump's reported behavior prior to becoming the president his prior behaviour prior to becoming the president was at least conceptually well reported and discussed by the country and he was elected so i don't know what these women think they're accomplishing by asking for congressional hearings on donald trump's luke sexual behavior you can help me with that one but he doesn't help himself with his tweet today and i'm asking you if you heard anything differently when you read or heard about reading is tweet that suggested a lightweight senator christon gillaibrand whose call for his resignation a total funky for chuck schumer some who had not come to my who'd come away off his begging for campaign countries is not so long ago and would do anything for them revolutions off west new center paul is headlines at you a my line of where three wpro what's going on i didn't thanks president trump's tweet about senator kirsten jila brand set off a furore among democrats he tweeted the gel a brand would come to his office begging for campaign contributions and do anything to get them jila brand calls it a sexist smear attempting to silence her voice now 56 female house members are calling for an investigation of misconduct allegations against the president former cranston police chief marko palumbo pleads not guilty to domestic assault charges he's ordered to keep away from his wife and daughter he has expressed remorse and says he hopes he can rebuild this family house and senate negotiators are rushing to finalise the republican tax legislation for a vote next week so they can deliver the promised measure to president trump before christmas the chief tax writer in the.

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