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On Peachtree Street at 10 35 I'm Robyn Walensky 95.5 WSB Atlanta's news and talk Now Dave Baker and the home Fix it show. What do you what It is the Thanksgiving plan. People enquiring minds. Want to know I'm having 57 people over. Mostly From what Is that not good? Foreign countries you're gonna do, um, coronavirus testing, and then you're gonna have a little thermometer thing. It pointed it. Everybody's head for my driveway and get swamped. OK, Take your temperature before you come in the house. Okay. 57 guests 57 guests. I got e got 17 forks and 11 9. So we're just gonna have to share with all that. How many turkeys? Well, they're all turkeys. 57. Probably 43 I say. Oh, you met Turkey, See? I got it. I only got one. But it's a 12 pounder. Sounds good to me. I'm not doing any of that. This year. I've been invited A couple places I've I'm kind of taking a pass. I can't believe you'd be invited anywhere. Crazy. I'm America's best houseguest. I always bring presents. Yeah, right. You bring me anything ever since you won that award. It's bin Day through No, on all your people voted for me too. So the recounting all that recounting my vote. Okay, Bye, baby. Have a good week. Happy holidays. You're not coming back. You've got Cheryl Castro on deck line. He's out there cooking her turkey finally take care. Alright. See you later Home. Fix it Show in 95.5 WSB Day Baker here till noon today. Home. Fix it. So we're gonna take you right up till new like to think Patrick Spencer from zero rez, carpet and rug cleaning for starting off the show. Kimble Rice then joined us from cool ray heating and cooling. And Brian Farrell was here from top notch appliance telling you that probably when something goes wrong with your oven on Thursday. You're basically done. There are a lot of things you can fix yourself, but probably not on Thursday when when you need when you actually need it, And so He was He was a newbie. Now I got a I got an old be like that'll work. Can I? Can I call you an old B? Yeah, I guess you could call me an old. Okay. We'll just call you Grandpa. How's that? There you go. That's perfect. Let me call you, sweetheart. Jeff Ackland is with us from the rhino shield. I like putting the in front of your company and makes it gets a little more. The rhino shield. The reason there are no others. It's just the rhino shield. That's right. How's everything at the Facebook? Yeah, or just the apostrophe shield? That's right. What'll work? Yeah, we're with the shield. Now that we confuse our listeners is what your company is actually called. Welcome to the home fix it show on Thanksgiving week and more importantly, we're kind of focusing. Not very well do as the morning's gone on, but we're focusing towards winter and getting our house is ready for winter. Which makes me wonder about the outside of the house of Ice. But all summer Wrapped up in the pandemic, which is okay. I mean, that happens to a lot of people, and that's the way you think that's what you think It means nothing to me. I'm behind you either way. But not having people out. Trying to stay away from people may be needing their house Rhino shielded. But they just didn't get to it because they were. They were afraid of having people over. For whatever reason. Is it too late in the year now are we done? Rhino shielding till March or April when it warms up again? No, actually, we're not. We're a little different than traditional paint traditional paint your average temperatures, usually around 50 degrees for the outside to apply paint with Rhino shield. We could go is lowest 40 degrees, actually, a little bit lower than that. But I don't think it's fair to send our crews out work when it's in the thirties, but Knows where you know we could go as low as 40 degrees, And you know, we do quite a few jobs in the way their time and just, you know, it's a great time. You know, Tonto, get your Get your house stuff. You don't You have to worry about the high heat and all that fun stuff Sort crews actually really enjoy working in the wintertime. Yeah, but they do sing. Yeah. When wind chills like 27, you're sitting in the in the office in front of the fire with your pipe and your sweater on and Exactly. They're rugged individuals. That's what you want. I want. I want guys wanna be outside to paint and do that job. Now I got an email of somebody was wondering little more more about Rhino shield the process. So before we get to talking more about winter, the process of Brian No. Shielding a house is comparable to whatever you think the process should be about. Using regular paint on a house, correct. You come in and tell us what you do when you come to the house..

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