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Day, the S and P five hundred matching its longest rally of the year, climbing ten points late in the morning. The Dow Jones was ahead one hundred fifty four points. The NASDAQ composite was unchanged. The skyrocket rise of chipmaker Invidia has been followed by a meteoric dropped October. Second and video was valued at just under two hundred ninety three dollars a share. It has now lost nearly half. Its value driven down by economic conditions in China. Jim Ryan ABC news. President Donald Trump called on congress to break decades of political stalemates on Tuesday nights state of the union speech. Trump told the American people that the country has a moral duty to create an immigration system that protects the lives and jobs of our citizens in accused wealthy politicians in donors pushing for open borders while living their lives behind walls and gates and guards at one point. He saluted American veterans here with us tonight three of those incredible heroes, private, I less Joseph Riley. Staff sergeant Irving locker. And sergeant Herman Zaitschek. Here are your political insights from ABC news allies of Virginia governor Ralph northbound say he is trying to wait out the controversy surrounding racist pictures on his medical school yearbook page. Meanwhile, the man who would replace Northam Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax is facing questions about a report of an unconfirmed alleged sexual misconduct incident from two thousand four an allegation. He vehemently denies a report from the nonpartisan government accountability office found that the government paid nearly fourteen million dollars for President Trump's four trips to Florida retreat at mar a Lago during March in February of two thousand seventeen according to the report obtained by ABC approximately six hundred thousand dollars of expenses were paid tomorrow Lago directly, which President Trump owns and during congressional testimony. The commander of US forces in the Middle East.

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