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Keep an eye out for lane closures and Struck shin and slow down, Stay alert and focused in work zones to learn more visit road Stop Maryland dot way you men. Can you get food with Dr Dynamite Burger at Roy Rogers restaurants. It's a juicy burger with jalapeno poppers. Bully ranks US paper, Jake cheese and bacon down. Cowboy Can Lord Ashe is available at participating restaurants. This is the second man live of the Kentucky Speedway here in Sparta, Kentucky and Kyle Busch and Joey Logano will be on the front row today for the Quaker State 400 for the NASCAR Cup. Siri's here at the Speedway race coverage at 1 30 on ESPN, 15 30 since any well represented today of this NASCAR Cup series race. Cincinnati, incorporated, based in Harrison, a metal fabrication equipment company has their name on Alex Bowman's number 88 Chevrolet. He'll roll off 5th 5th 3rd Bank is on the 17 4 to Chris Buscher. He starts 13th Kroger's on the 47 Chevrolet of Ricky Stenhouse Jr He rolls off 14th Formula One Update in Austria Hamilton Lewis Hamilton wins the race today, his Mercedes teammate Vart. Val Terry Botas with second Max Verstappen Third Indy car runs today in Wisconsin, N H. R A at Indianapolis. This is the Serval Electric Speedway Spectacular presented by a door and window the sake. Man Library. Kentucky Speedway 700 wlw. Welcome back 10. 39 Sunday morning. Sports Talk Can group lead. You're with us. Thank you is always toe Arnell carriers and Kelsey Chevrolet. The Bengals were supposed to open training.

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