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From podcast one coming up in this episode of target USA. On our previous episode. We promised the second half of our interview with F B I Washington field office assistant director in charge. Nancy McNamara, but due to a quickly developing story, we need to change topics. The second half of the MacNamara interview will be presented in the next few weeks. In the meantime, on December twenty eighth 2018, Paul Whalen, or former US marine and citizen of the US disappeared in Russia. Three days later, he turned up in a Russian prison arrested for allegedly committing espionage. What was he doing there? What was the basis for the charges is he a pawn in a political tug of war between the US and Russia? Nobody wants to see a citizen locked up in this way. You know, we're we're ten days past defect that he was allegedly spy. We have no charges officially from the Russian government that detail. Exactly what that means we in which elements of the actor they talking about. And so that it's all very concerning. The the lack of information. In an extensive interview target USA spoke with Huilan's twin brother, David and got answers to all these questions. Some of them may surprise you. But after you, listen, there will be no doubt. Just how serious this situation is coming on. This addition of target USA. National security podcast. From WTO in Washington DC. This is target USA. Russia could render huge arm to this country North Korea's secret missile capable of reaching the whole of the United States dangerous terrorists DC is repeatedly mentioned some place. They would like to see an attack cyber criminal successful America as a target on its back and on this program. We investigate the threats the people behind them, the agencies fighting them and the impact on you. This is target USA be national security podcast. I'm Jay Jay green this program, as you know, is called target USA. And as we always say whether its terrorists anarchist, cybercriminals or nation states America has a target on its back, and we investigate the threats facing the US the people behind them the agencies fighting them and their impact on Americans. Unfortunately, US citizens are often targeted by foreign actress just because they are American that appears to be what happened in the case of Paul Whalen. He went to Moscow from his home in Michigan in late December and hasn't returned yet. Because he's in one of the nastiest prisons on the planet known for cold showers, intense, interogations and extreme isolation. A staple of the Cold War and the KGB he's charged with espionage. Something is family, and the US government says is ridiculous. The way it all happened could easily be and I'm willing to bet eventually will become the storyline for a blockbuster spy movie. So in order to get the answers about what happened. We went to the best source. We could find his twin brother, David. Thank you again. David for joining us and for the benefit of our listeners who may not be familiar with all of the details of the story. Your brother Paul is involved in now he was traveling in Russia in December. And on the twenty eighth of December understand something odd happen catches up on what he was doing there. And what took place on the twenty eighth which you're still dealing with. Now. January ninth twenty nineteen what took place at that time on December twenty second Paul flew into Moscow. He was visiting to participate in a wedding an American friend of his former marine. Like Paul was having a wedding ceremony there and had brought over his American family and has Paul to attend the wedding as well since Paul had been to Russia a few times in the past and to help guide the Americans around the sites to sort of help them to navigate Moscow. So he was in the city. He was doing some sightseeing. He was visiting some friends and participating in this wedding party. And then on the twenty eighth after having participated that morning in it tour of the Kremlin armory with the people who are attending the wedding. He he just disappeared. He didn't attend the wedding which occurred that night and the groom attempted to contact him after the wedding was over. And there was no response from which is extremely uncharacteristic. So the groom reach out to us over the weekend. Let us know that he noted seen him or heard from him since Friday..

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