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He hasn't been a healthy healthy pro or in college for them gained mortgage mariota's say healthy. That's a good question. Dan, your confidence level in the segment, has it risen with Greg's promising entry right there. Let's see when I started it. I would say it was like at a two point three. And then it went down to about one point nine and then went to Greg, and it's up to like a two? Yes. We now, this is an upcoming Colin from you, so that does not bode well for the colony out there. This is from Greg's excellent, winners losers column of week. One of the preseason tweet from our Mondo sow Garo of the Miami can only help that Xavi and Howard the dolphins cornerback has stolen devante Parker soul. My confidence avian Howard because I watched him shut people down late last season, emerging number one cornerback. Is it about an eight point? Eight. Right. Now, my confidence and devante Parker is about a one point eight. I like that. That's good. That's good for the dolphins and also absolutely terrible for the dolphins like they need Parker to become the breakout guide. It's one of those things that's been day after day, like every single training camp recap. It's like devante Parker another tough day, whereas avian Howard just destroyed them. I've a feeling avian. How would be doing that to any of the dolphins receivers? Put our Wilson on the field. A little more wasn't with the starters at all eight million dollars. Put him on the field. Final competence. Great for the sake. Wow. Coincidentally, same as confidence in the Broncos quarterback with three point one. This segment will not be brought back. I mean, it was. It was sort though, you know, if if it's not gonna terminable if it was built asleep for the listeners fast forwarding. All right. We will be back Wednesday with another episode. Thanks, of course to is cube, goodness. He was great star in the building, the most famous person ever on this podcast, so, well, I don't know maybe the second most famous rapper on the show ever. I think so, yeah, little Debbie might still have the crown, but ice cube. Thank you to him for joining us. We'll be back on Wednesday with. Yes. Oh my goodness. I can't believe I didn't mention it sooner Wednesday. The return of the around the NFL podcast fantasy extravagant that will be on Wednesday where we share all the nuggets a return. Nobody wants this. Get back on that fantasy corner, Mark, Cecil with the corner, just bitten info, rough neighborhood out there, rough. It's getting worse. It's not getting nicer. It's getting uglier the neighborhood in the scientists in the lab, including the brick by brick founders of. WTA world west and and Greg, whoa, will you can't put me? I didn't build that place brick by brick that was on his own legend is taking on its own life. You know, at this point. So we'll have all our fantasy 'cause we know the you should be drafting and the next week or two. So we will have you hooked up there don't or you don't maybe try season without fantasy football, maybe some new hobby. Save that for the fantasy quarter. Let's go. Had the signing up four quiet storm. The mailman the old boss and I, I q point famous rapper and the bitcoin Princess behind the glass till Wednesday..

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