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Two one eighty nine ninety nine and you are in got a lot of things in the hopper and. More to come but one of the things we've been talking about what happened to the, school in Denver, Denver public, schools they, said you. Know we're not. We're not gonna make people pay. For lunch, anymore I mean you. Know they. Do that's great but and their debt went from thirteen thousand to three hundred and. Fifty six thousand I mean there's, free introduce lunch but you got to sign. Up for it. I don't know we don't want that's lunch shaming and we've got professors now letting students pick their. Own grade Richard wanted to jump in, on that Richard you're on. The Schnitt show my name's Greg Knapp filling in Hey Richard I'm here go right ahead you're on. The air okay change subject forgot what, was the first time get. Back to about what's being learned I grew up in the northeast I went to a high school that was, like eighty nine percent edge college and Eight percent or nine percent after that was like trade schools So you know But a lot of them didn't really know. What teaching you I wanted to trade, and you know I came down here to Florida I wanted to Saint Pete junior college at the. Time it was and I took I did that I worked at trade for four, or five years And I know I am making more money and what I'm doing Any of my teachers put together yeah yeah And the teachers get, complacent and, like I've, been told this lately people say you know it's. Still, sane Who do do who can't. Teach well I think there's I appreciate the call Richard I think there's some truth to that for sure I think there are also people that teach because they, really love kids and they really want to help them, learn and not, everybody wants to, work a trade not everybody wants, to be a, lawyer or, a banker, or a doctor. Or a nurse or a firefighter, or, a cop or you know you name we have we, need teachers so when? We try to diminish. Hey those who can do in those who can't teach. Them what. Are we. Saying we don't want. Teachers we don't want people who are intelligent to. Be teacher you're, right there are there. Are complacent teachers there are also teachers that work their butts off I know one I'm married to one my wife. Is a first grade teacher. And she works more than forty.

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