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Give our students an incredible AP education. You know, they take advanced placement European history and calculus and all of these things. And when it comes to Israel, many times, our students are getting more of an elementary education. Be getting a love of Israel, but they're not getting a nuanced version of a nuanced. Understanding of what is happening in Israel. What's happening with the conflict, what's happening in the region and we're about to do approximately twenty podcasts, that we recorded over the summer. And they'll be released. Released on a weekly basis there about 20 minutes each and they start off From pre state of Israel and they go to current-day. The podcast will give a much more nuanced understanding of the region of Israel than we've seen in the past. And I think that they'll be valuable for both students and parents alike. I would simply just say that several of the students, all the students set in over the course of the summer to hear the taping of these sessions, and many have reached out asking after when they're going to be released. So, I think they'll be very excited to know. We're almost ready for prime time before we close out. I want to talk to you about the name. Tribe, talk sketchy, and there's a lot of meaning in it. I'll start so tribe talk. Kind of can sort of vary a literal. We started out. We were something a little bit different called tribe, talk connection, and we have now moved tribe talk. We feel like it's edgier and a little cleaner but we are the tribe. We are Jews. We are trying, we are people Hood, we have Heritage. So to me, we tell our stories through, who we are, as who wage You know, the origins of the people Hood, the chosen people. And so I think part of that really comes very naturally to who we are and to me it felt like people want to hear our stories and when I get together with folks, whether it's my father-in-law 92 and want to hear about the works in the world that he lived in and still lives..

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