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News is next live from NPR news in Washington I'm korva Coleman president trump is suspending most incoming travelers from much of Europe for the next thirty days because of the corona virus pandemic Congress is considering legislation to deal with the virus house speaker Nancy Pelosi says the bill will come to the house floor shortly major U. S. stock markets are in bear territory down twenty percent from recent peaks currently the Dow Jones industrial average is down more than seventeen hundred points or about seven and a half percent economist Hugh Johnson says investors are frightened of the coronaviruses effects what's going on with the markets is pretty close to what we would call panic I mean there's a lot of investors are very very troubled trouble obviously by the declines in the market that we've seen and I think the number one word that that everybody's concerned about is uncertainty at the opening bell on Wall Street today markets plunged so deeply that trading was immediately halted for fifteen minutes European officials say they were blindsided by president trump's thirty day travel ban on foreigners arriving for most European nations to prevent the spread of the virus as NPR's rob Schmitz reports European markets also reacted European stocks took a dive in early trading with Germany's dax index falling to its lowest level in five years in reaction to president trump's travel ban European ambassadors to the U. S. at the White House failed to warn them about this band in advance European Union council president Charles Michelle asserted in a tweet that Europe is taking all necessary measures to contain the spread of cove in nineteen and that the E. you would assess the impact of the travel ban today ensuring that economic destruction can be avoided the travel ban will impact twenty six European countries with hundreds of millions of people German airline Lufthansa had already canceled twenty three thousand flights through April and it said trump's travel ban will lead to further cancellations and financial consequences for the industry rob Schmitz NPR news Berlin to American service members have been killed in a rocket attack on an Iraqi training base just north of Baghdad NPR's Tom Bowman has more eighteen rockets slammed into the Taiji training base just north of Baghdad U. S. official said besides the two Americans killed a British service member also died in the attack at least twelve coalition service members were wounded two seriously there are more than five hundred Americans at the base there was no word on who was responsible but speculation centered on Iranian backed militias which have repeatedly targeted coalition personnel the deadly attack came as U. S. officials said they were already speeding defensive equipment to U. S. bases in Iraq including the patriot system designed to shoot down ballistic missiles in a separate system the targets rockets and drones Tom Bowman NPR news deal a rack on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average is down eighteen hundred seventy seven points that's nearly eight percent you're listening to NPR it's eight oh four I'm cherry Glazer with KCRW news the corona virus outbreak is changing the outlook for California's economy that's according to UCLA's Anderson forecast the respected economic analysis is the arrival of code nineteen in the state will have a big financial impact KCRW's Darrell Samson explains Anderson chief forecaster Terry Nichols Burk says the covert nineteen pandemic has produced what he calls an attitudinal shift in the formerly positive outlook for the state in the months and years ahead Nicholas Berg and his team are not predicting a recession but they do say that quote disrupted supply chains in near nonexistent transpacific travel shift the mood to one of pessimism the forecast says that will have an impact on jobs unemployment which was at three point nine percent in December is expected to increase by half a percent this year and then take up next year as well personal income growth is also expected to slow the Anderson T. EAM was well into writing its March quarterly report when the virus reached the U. S. they had to tear it up and start over and they cautioned that this forecast is an attempt to analyze information and data that's changing rapidly for KCRW I'm Carole saxman the US justice department at the D. E. A. say they've dealt a major blow to wall the world's deadliest drug cartels federal authorities announced yesterday the arrest of more than six hundred people across the country accused of being involved with the criminal enterprise known as police go new generation some of them were taken to custody here in LA as KCRW's drone Campbell reports project python as it was called was a six month effort to investigate and disrupt the cartels global drug activities investigators tracked the group from last September then coordinated large scale arrests last week in major cities across the country authorities indicted some three hundred and fifty people and seized more than twenty million dollars and drugs and other assets assistant Attorney General Brian Benz akowski leads the DOJ's criminal division he called the effort the largest singular strike against the cartel for KCRW I'm drunk Campbell a former LA police officer who shot and killed a man during an argument outside a bar five years ago has been sentenced to forty years to life in prison and resilience argued he acted in self defense when he shot the man while off duty in twenty fifteen but prosecutors say he picked a fight with the ma'am after the shooting Salie's fled to Mexico where he was arrested deported about two and a half months later a fifteen dollar billion dollar bond to improve aging school facilities in California is headed for defeat mark ball to sorry with the public policy institute of California says proposition thirteen lacks support from community stakeholders rotary I like to hear from trusted sources they didn't always hear from their local school districts that that's what the most important thing on the ballot the measure would have funded school renovations and new construction around the state the proposition was the only statewide measure on this month's primary ballot ball to sorry says it could serve as a trial balloon.

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